End your Easter dinner with a stunning seasonal dessert. These pies and cakes are so pretty even the Easter bunny will be jealous!

By Sarah Martens

Create a wow-worthy sweet with simply gorgeous toppers like flowers, fresh fruit, and candy. Here are the most beautiful Easter desserts, including over-the-top layer cakes and luscious pies.

Bold Blooms

Transform a from-the-freezer pie into an Easter dinner dessert with a pop of bold blooms. We love the look of this lattice-top peach pie. For an ombre effect, place cut flowers in a row by color from darkest to lightest. Add fresh greenery or baby's breath to finish the look. Be sure to remove the flowers before slicing and serving.

Cotton Candy Nest

A far cry from the carnival, this sophisticated Easter cake is topped with a cloud of cotton candy and pretty speckled candy eggs. For a chic look, choose a solid-color cotton candy. We love pastel pink, purple, and blue.

Flower Petal Nest

A sweet cream pie is a perfect base for this beautiful bird's nest pie topper. Simply smooth the whipped cream flat and pile on delicate cut fresh flower petals. Simply slice edible flower petals, such as roses, pansies, and nasturtiums, and arrange them in a nest. Fill with colorful candy eggs.

Fresh Figs

This fig-topped cake is chic in its simplicity. Layers of moist zucchini cake are lightly frosted and finished with fruit and greenery. Keep the minimalist look with a simple white cake stand.

Standout Bloom

This cake proves one perfect flower is all you need. To make this Easter dessert, frost a layer cake with chocolate icing and swipe your knife to make vertical stripes. Finish with a large white flower, such as a peony.

Pretty Petals

Top crunchy, creamy pavlova with fresh fruit, sweet syrup, and blush pink petals and for a special after-dinner treat. Choose edible rose petals in a variety of pink shades. Pile on whipped cream, fruit, and petals just before serving.

Petal Play

Let a classic carrot cake steal the show after Easter dinner. A few scattered rose petals add a pop color. Serve the cake on a tall cake stand for even more drama.


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