Our Best Easter Desserts

Our fun Easter desserts (including cakes and cookies) are egg-cellent ways to celebrate the holiday. Kids will love decorating the Easter treats in festive shapes and designs, including fluffy lambs, beautiful bunnies, cute chicks, and an array of cute Easter desserts. Our collection includes all your favorites, including classic Easter desserts and yummy decorated cupcakes.

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    Neapolitan Marshmallow Treats

    Classic crispy cereal treats, now in layers. Strawberry jelly provides the pink layer, semisweet chocolate pieces melt down for the brown layer, and the top layer of classic vanilla is simply vanilla flavoring. Voila! An ice cream favorite, made into marshmallow treat form just in time for Easter.

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    Pink Lemonade Cake

    Lemon lovers will be clamoring for another slice of this lemonade-flavored Easter cake. With lemonade buttercream frosting and pretty pink lemonade layers, this gorgeous cake is sure to impress everyone at Easter.

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    Marbled Easter Egg Truffles

    You're looking at one of our favorite Easter dessert ideas. This year, let the Easter Bunny bring a basket full of adorable Easter egg truffles instead of store-bought candy. The marbled candies are made from rich, smooth white chocolate and can easily be flavored using the extract of your choice.

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    Dressed-Up Marshmallow Bunnies

    Take everyone's favorite Easter treat to the next level by covering them in chocolate and decorating with sprinkles, coconut, and mini marshmallows. Kids will love helping with this cute Easter dessert.

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    Layered Sherbet Cake

    Pretty stripes of pink, green, and orange are perfect for Easter thanks to sherbet. This is one of our most stunning Easter cakes. Top each slice with colorful candy sprinkles. 

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    Malted Vanilla Cake

    Classic vanilla cake gets an Easter-worthy update when layered with buttercream frosting and topped with cotton candy and malted milk Easter eggs. Pick Easter egg candy in pastel colors for an extra-special display.

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    Sugar Cookie Cutouts

    Lambs, rabbits, and chicks, oh my! Use cookie cutters to shape sugar cookies into your favorite Easter designs, then decorate with our easy powdered sugar icing. Kids will love using their favorite candies to finish the adorable Easter desserts.

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    Best-Loved Carrot Cake

    The Easter Bunny's favorite vegetable inspired this one. You'll need 3 cups shredded carrots for this lush, layered carrot cake, finished with cream cheese frosting and chopped pecans.

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    Berry Trifle

    Here's an easy Easter dessert idea: Berry Trifle, stacked high with vanilla pudding, pound cake, and juicy strawberries and blueberries. Gorgeous, portable, and smartly made ahead. It'll be one of the easiest Easter treats to make! 

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    Sweet and Salty Chocolate Flowers

    These bite-size treats top the cute Easter dessert list! They're the perfect light dessert after Easter dinner—or for sneaking a quick snack before the meal. Either way, your guests won't be able to have just one.

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    Rhubarb Chess Pie

    Let our bright and colorful twist on rhubarb pie steal the spotlight at your Easter celebration. A delicious, buttery filling provides a smooth base for tart rhubarb to shine.

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    Strawberry-Rhubarb Bars

    Who doesn't love strawberry and rhubarb? These springtime bars make a delicious dessert for a crowd after Easter dinner.

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    Deluxe Lemon Bars

    Get ready—these classic lemon bars will disappear from your dessert table in a hurry! Made with lemon juice and lemon peel, these bars are full of citrus flavor.

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    Garden-Theme Cupcakes

    Welcome spring with our rich and chocolaty garden-theme cupcakes. The fondant carrots, radishes, and lettuces are pulled together in a few simple steps; plant them into the crumb-coated Easter desserts to finish the display.

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    Adorable Lamb Cake

    Our charming lamb cake makes a sweet addition to any Easter spread. The creative Easter dessert gets a fur-like look from the simple lace-frosting pattern; easy fondant shapes give the cute face personality.

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    Coconut Milk Cake

    Looking for Easter cake ideas? This stunning coconut milk cake is sure to be the star of any Easter dessert table. A creamy coconut filling makes this yummy layered cake stand out from all the rest.

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    Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Mascarpone Frosting

    Give one of our favorite Easter sweets, classic carrot cake, a delicious update with subtle flavor upgrades, like mascarpone in the frosting and cardamom in the cake. We even provide hints for making the cake into cupcakes!

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    Hyacinth Flower Cake Pops

    Create a beautiful Easter dessert to look like some of your favorite spring flowers: hyacinths! The bright and festive cake pops make a showstopping spring centerpiece at any Easter brunch or dinner.

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    Mother Hen and Chicks Dessert

    Get into the spirit of spring with a mother hen cake and her adorable cupcake chicks. Make one layer cake for the hen, then make cupcakes for her head and tail. Decorate with homemade vanilla frosting, toasted coconut flakes, and candy pieces for a truly delightful dessert.

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    Carrot and Zucchini Bars

    Carrot cake is on of the traditional Easter desserts, but we suggest you try our carrot and zucchini spice bars as a twist on the classic treat. Even with our creamy citrus frosting, the light Easter desserts are just 125 calories per serving.

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    Easter Cupcakes

    Bake Easter cupcakes from our simple white cupcake recipe, then get creative! For an adorable Easter egg design, pipe green frosting onto the cakes to form grass, then add assorted jelly beans for eggs. Make pretty spring flowers with the remaining colored frosting or mini candies.

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    Tangerine Cheesecake Bars

    Put a modern spin on classic orange cheesecake with these mouthwatering tangerine cheesecake bars. This is one Easter dessert that's sure to steal the show.

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    Strawberry Hand Pies

    Skip the traditional piecrust and make these individual hand pies for Easter. Stuffed with a sweet strawberry filling, they're sure to be a hit after dinner.

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    Easy Easter Bunny Bites

    These fun Easter Bunny cupcakes are party-ready in minutes. Start with your favorite cupcake recipe, then use a piping bag and star tip to add peaks of vanilla frosting. Shape white gumdrops into triangles for the bunny's ears, give him a jelly bean nose, and finish with black and white frosting features.

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    Flower Cupcakes

    Celebrate the season with pretty flower-garden cupcakes. The impressive spring blooms get a citrus kick from lemon peel. To make the fancy flowers, simply pipe frosting in your petal design, then gather your favorite candies in the center.

    Editor's Easter Dessert Tip: To make cookie leaves, cut refrigerated sugar-cookie dough into leaf shapes and bake according to the directions. Cover with green icing, and arrange around cupcake flowers.

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    Vanilla Ruffle Cake

    With swirls of pink frosting and pretty white layers, this deliciously fluffy Easter cake makes a centerpiece-worthy statement. To create rows of gorgeous vanilla-buttercream ruffles, use a decorating pipe with a petal tip.

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    Easy Cake Frosting Designs

    With just a spoon and a fork, you can transform any cake into a masterpiece. Watch as we show you elegant cake frosting designs on the cheap.


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    Champagne Cake with Fresh Strawberries

    This beautiful cake—with swirls of pastel pink frosting and pretty white layers—is a breeze to make. Simply prepare packaged cake mix, but use champagne instead of water. Bake and frost with tinted canned frosting for a pretty spring dessert.

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    Bacon Chocolate Bark

    Three ingredients prove that homemade candy can be just as tasty as store-bought. Break up the bark and wrap in a see-through bag for a fun addition to this year's Easter basket.

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    Lamb and Ducky Cupcakes

    These cute cupcakes made to look like baby animals are the perfect treats for Easter. Marshmallows, flaked coconut, and small candies come together to make these spring cupcakes super cute—and super tasty!

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