Easter jelly beans are already hitting store shelves and our staff tried them all. Find out which ones we liked best!

By Emily VanSchmus
March 26, 2019
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We don’t know who declared jelly beans the official candy of Easter, but they are (and we’re not mad about it). The start of Easter season is always accompanied by dozens of jelly bean flavors hitting store shelves—and with so many choices, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the new options. This year, we set out to try all the brands we could get our hands on, from classics like Jelly Belly and Brach’s to new flavors from Starburst and Nerds.

Our staff tasted 15 kinds of jelly beans from nine different brands and ranked them according to flavor and texture. Starburst Original Jelly Beans won the taste test by just a few points, but we liked them all for different reasons. Read our assessments of each jelly bean brand to determine which flavors should make their way into your Easter basket this year.


Staff quote: “These have always been my favorite. Still true!”

Starburst’s Original Jelly Beans was our staff’s favorite bean flavor. They have the perfect jelly bean texture with all the classic flavors of the Starburst candies we love. The beans have strong and distinct fruity flavors and just the right amount of chewiness. We were also pleasantly surprised by the newest Starburst jelly beans on the scene—Starburst Jelly Beans Duos have two fruity flavors in each bean. With flavors like Tropical Cherry Splash, Razzin’ Watermelon, and Banana Berry Blast, these are a no-brainer for anyone who likes tropical flavors.

Jelly Belly

Staff quote: “Give me all the Buttered Popcorn!”

We couldn’t hold a taste-test without including Jelly Belly. We can’t resist their buttered popcorn-flavored beans, but we love that these are always a fun surprise. With 40 distinct flavors in one bag, you truly never know what you’ll get!


Staff quote: “Almost better than original SweeTarts.”

If you like SweeTart’s classic chewy candy pieces, you’ll love these beans. They have the same texture as the brand’s other candy and come in similar flavors, all packed into the classic jelly bean shape. The original flavor was our favorite, but the sour jelly beans are tasty (and just the right amount of sour!). Plus, you can only get these at Easter time, which makes them a special treat.


Staff quote: “These are a total classic.”

Brach’s egg-shaped jelly beans are a classic Easter staple, but the brand has several flavors worth trying. The classic Jelly Bird eggs haven’t changed much since we ate them as kids—the large size and harder exterior make them ideal for filling plastic Easter eggs since they don’t melt as easily as other beans. Black licorice fans will love the Black Jelly Bird Eggs, and anyone who loves grandma’s classic spice drops will enjoy the Spiced Jelly Bird Eggs. One of our favorite new jelly beans on the scene is Brach's Purple Rain Jelly Bird Eggs, which are a delicious combination of purple, blue and white beans in bold berry flavors.

Sour Patch

Staff quote: “Tastes just like regular Sour Patch! Love these.”

We loved these, but we’re not sure you can really call them jelly beans. They’re the same texture and flavor of traditional Sour Patch candies, just in a smaller size and shape—which just means you get more per serving size! We could seriously eat these all day.


Staff quote: “Weird texture, but super tasty.”

We really liked these, but the texture does take a little getting used to. The outer shell is very crunchy, but the inside is soft and sweet like a traditional jelly bean. These are more of a novelty candy than a real jelly bean, but that won’t stop us from munching on them all day every day from now through Easter.

Jolly Rancher

Staff quote: Pleasantly surprised by these!”

These beans taste just like original Jolly Rancher candies, but the texture is completely different. Since Jolly Ranchers are a hard candy you can suck on, eating these chewy beans was an unexpected (but delicious!) experience. The bright colors make them the perfect festive Easter basket filler.


Staff quote: “Good, but their gummy worms are better.”

We love Trolli’s sour gummy worms, so we were pretty sure we’d like these—and we did. The fruit flavors are really good and we love how bright and springy they look. They’re not as sour as Sour Patch’s jelly beans, so these are a good choice for anyone who wants just a little bit of tart flavor. We were big fans of these.

Swedish Fish

Staff quote: “These don’t taste like Swedish Fish.”

We’re big Swedish Fish fans, so we had pretty high hopes for these, and while the flavor was good, the texture majorly threw us off. They don’t have the classic Swedish Fish texture, but they're still chewier than traditional jelly beans. These are pretty good as long as you don’t pick up a handful expecting them to be mini versions of the original candy.


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