Totally Adorable Easter Cupcakes

Easter cupcakes have never been cuter. This Easter, set out a plate of bunny cupcakes, top a piled-high cupcake with candy flowers, decorate an Easter cupcake with toasted almond slices, or stir good-for-you carrots into batter for easy Easter cupcakes that rival the ones from the bakeshop. We have easy and gorgeous Easter cupcakes perfect for your Easter basket!

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    Bird's Nest Cupcakes

    Rethink chow mein noodles as an easy Easter cupcake topper. Rolled with melted vanilla candy coating, the once-savory bites make the perfect Easter treat.

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    Burrowing Bunnies

    Could these bunny cupcakes be any cuter? Whip up a batch and you'll have a new favorite Easter dessert. All it takes is a quick piping technique and toppers like jelly beans, marshmallows, and licorice. 

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    Chick Cupcakes

    Lay a frosted chicken atop a nest of piped chocolate, and a cute Easter cupcake idea is bound to hatch. Each chick is made from half of a cream-filled snack cake (his body) and a vanilla truffle (his head).

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    Garden-Theme Cupcakes

    Your looking at the ultimate cute Easter dessert. Crushed cookies are the dirt, and rolled fondant sheets are the veggies in this adorable garden that the Easter bunny would surely love to raid.

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    Easter Bunny Bites

    Zero-effort piping provides the Easter Bunny's furry face, and a rolling pin is the only tool you'll need to make his perky ears. (Hint: They're flattened gumdrops.) These bunny cupcakes are best served the day you decorate them. 

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    How to Pipe Frosting

    Set out a piece of waxed paper for a practice round of piping. Here's how to get a look as pretty as the bakeshop sweets. Create Easter basket cupcakes or bunny cakes with simple piping. 

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    Nesting Blue Bird Cupcakes

    These spring-morning charmers are made from mint meringue; their nests are slivered almonds rolled onto frosted cupcakes. Have your kids help create a few of the sweet tweeters for each Easter cake. 

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    Ladybug and Flower Cupcakes

    Create a gorgeous display of Easter cupcakes. These lovely ladybugs are made with melted red candy coating and chocolate chips. Use a food-coloring pen to draw the spots; you can accomplish the task with black sprinkles, too.

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    Adorable Bunny Cupcakes

    We're all ears when it comes to this inquisitive Easter bunny cupcake. Madeleine cookies provide each bunny cake with its adorable key feature. 

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    Lemon Cupcakes

    Plop a few edible purple flowers atop sugared lemon cakes for this treat that's worthy of an Easter basket.

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    Fruit-Topped Coconut Cupcakes

    This Easter, go tropical with coconut cupcakes that feature the fruit four ways: coconut extract, coconut milk, shredded coconut, and toasted coconut chips. Frankly, we're nuts for it!

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    Key Lime Pie Cupcakes

    Transform classic key lime pie into a cute Easter dessert. Serve them in green liners and top with lime wedges and crushed graham crackers. 

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    Buttercakes with Sour Cream Frosting

    Tuck cute-as-can-be purchased candy flowers into piled-high sour cream frosting for an Easter cupcake that goes to great heights.

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    Carrot Cake Cupcakes

    Eat like the Easter bunny! His favorite treat—carrots—plays prominently in a healthy cupcake that also features applesauce in place of oil.

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    Cherry-Almond Vanilla Cupcakes

    ...with a cherry on top! Think pink with an easy Easter cupcake frosted with a cherry-almond butter frosting and topped with, well, you know.

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    Lamb and Ducky Cupcakes

    Look at these adorable Easter cupcakes! These two best buds are formed almost the same way: Marshmallow faces and shredded coconut fuzz make them easier to create than you might think.

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    Sweet Potato Cupcakes

    Canned sweet potatoes make quick work of these lush Easter-ready cupcakes. We have freeze-ahead directions in case you'd rather spend Easter day on an egg hunt.

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    Hummingbird Cupcakes

    Traditional hummingbird spice cakes feature banana and pineapple. Those flavors are here, along with a coconut-and-marshmallow creme topping.

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    Fun Flower Cupcakes

    Spring has sprung. Celebrate Easter with a bouquet of sweet cupcakes. For these Easter cupcakes, you'll need mini chocolate candies, marzipan bees, and pastel icing. 

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    Churro Cupcakes

    These adorable cupcakes are one of our favorite Easter cakes. They're topped with a bite-size churro and plenty of cinnamon-sugar. 

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    Neapolitan Cupcakes

    Three flavors are better than one! Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate cake mean everyone gets the flavor they want—making this the perfect Easter cupcake recipe.

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    Choco-Zucchini Cupcakes

    Shredded zucchini adds moisture to these cocoa-heavy cupcakes. A creamy DIY peanut butter frosting ensures it's the best treat in the Easter basket.

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    Lemon Drop Cupcakes

    Love lemon? These cute cupcakes get a triple dose of lemon flavor. Make them ready for the holiday with one of our favorite Easter cupcake decorations—candy eggs!

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    Hazelnut Creme Brulee Cupcakes

    Twist a classic creme brulee recipe into an Easter sweet treat by baking the flavors into a lush cupcake. You can skip the hazelnut liqueur in the frosting for the kids, but it adds a rich finish to every crumb.

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    Easy Confetti Celebration Cupcakes

    Easter is a celebration! A drizzle of confetti-colored frosting transforms purchased cupcakes into stunning Easter cakes. 

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