10 Reasons Why Pie Is the Ultimate Easter Dessert

Carrot cake and Easter basket candy can't have all the fun. Look to pie for a celebratory dessert both adults and little ones can agree on. Here are 10 reasons why pie is so fly.

1. All the best fruits are in season, making spring a prime time for pie. From tart rhubarb to blushing blueberries, nothing fills a pie like fresh produce. You can even play them up with edible flowers pulled straight from your garden. Lavender, anyone?

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2. That crust. Flaky, golden, buttery—what's not to love? Plus you can pretty it up anyway you please. Go fancy with cut-outs in the shapes of Easter eggs or bunny ears, or press your fingers along the edges for a simple crimped look.

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3. You can put chocolate in it. Now who could argue with that? Try it French silk-style or baked with your favorite peanut butter cup candies—either way, no chocolate lover will be able to resist a craveable chocolaty pie dessert.

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4. Super sweet treats not your thing? No problem. Keep things tart with classic key lime or sassy lemon meringue. The lip-puckering filling is the perfect pairing to a cloudlike meringue topping. Toss on lemon slices or rind shavings for a zesty garnish.

Perfect the Meringue Topping

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5. You don't need a pie pan to whip up a pie. Use a cookie sheet to shape crust into a slab pie, or ditch the pan altogether and bust out the slow cooker. That's right! Place the crust inside then pour in the filling and let your slow cooker do all the work. Ahh, holiday bliss.

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6. You can top it any way you like. Whipped cream, vanilla bean ice cream, salted caramel drizzle—you name it and they've got you covered, literally.

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7. Pie can never (really) be dry, unlike its main holiday competitor (cake). The best pies are oozing with sugar-laced fillings. And don't even get us started when the silky ice cream settles in.

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8. Pie for dinner? You can say that again. Thanks to Marie Callender's freezer-ready pot pies, dinner is ready in a snap! From broccoli and cheddar to chicken pot pie, ready-to-go pies don't make you wait for dessert.

9. Pie making brings the whole family together. From cutting up fruit and rolling the dough to devouring the final slice, there's a way for everyone to help.

10. Nobody brings just one pie to Easter dinner, and being tight on time is no excuse. Head to the freezer and dessert is done! From Turtle and Banana Cream to Very Berry Blackberry, there's a pie for every palate!

Pick Your Pie


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