Hop to it! Just because you’re staying inside doesn’t mean you have to forgo the fun celebration.

By Karla Walsh
March 26, 2020

A sure sign of spring, Easter is one of the sweetest holidays to celebrate. But because we'll celebrating at home this year means our usual Easter traditions might look a bit different. Try these kid-friendly at-home activities to commemorate the special day without stepping (or should we say, “hopping”?) foot outside your front door. Make a festive Easter basket, whip up a traditional brunch recipe for the family, and of course, don't forget about dyeing Easter eggs. Try one (or all!) of these family-friendly Easter activities to keep spirits high.

Brie Passano

Make a DIY Easter Basket

Why buy when you can DIY a cute homemade basket with your little bunny? From carrot-shape to unicorn-inspired, our patterns and instructions make it easy to design a one-of-a-kind Easter basket that you’ll treasure year after year.

Brie Passano

Cook and Dye Eggs in Your Instant Pot

Save time, stress, and mess by using your trusty Instant Pot to cook and dye Easter eggs all at once. It takes just 6 minutes, so you can even accomplish this on Easter Sunday morning before enjoying your brunch with hot cross buns.

Jacob Fox

Craft a Spring Peony Wreath

Whether you hang it indoors or out, this faux flower wreath will brighten the scene. The simple and short instructions (it takes just one hour, start to finish!) will brighten your mood.

Kritsada Panichgul

Discover Your New Favorite Easter Dish

Don’t let Easter brunch steal all of the culinary fun. Start a new tradition with one of these elegant yet easy dinner entrees. Ask each family member to select their top three recipe picks, write them on separate slips of paper, toss them in a bowl, then draw one as the “winner” to prep together.

Jacob Fox

Try a Family-Friendly Experiment

Channel your inner Bill Nye, grab a pair of rubber gloves, and teach your kiddos how to make showy patterned eggs with baking soda and rubber cement. (Pro tip: A muffin tin makes it a breeze to corral any potential splatters.)

Gretchen Easton

Host an Indoor Egg Hunt

Instead of tucking the decorated eggs behind trees and in tall grassy areas, sneak them under pillows and disguise them on shelves for an indoor Easter egg hunt. Just be sure to take note of all of your hiding places so you can ensure they’ve all been discovered before you all dig into your chocolate bunnies! (By the way, adults will adore these grown-up egg hunt alternatives.)

Bake a Festive Dessert

You’re sure to dig at least one of these adorable Easter cakes, pies, bars, and breads. With pastel colors and a variety of flavors, they’ll be a welcome break from the jelly bean-palooza.

Teach Your Kids About the Origins of Easter Traditions

Do you kids know how and why a bunny became associated with this religious holiday? Teach them how using our fascinating historical rundown as a guide, then get to making one of our adorable bunny crafts.

Make an Easter Egg Fruit Pizza

Balance out all of the sugar with a healthy dose of fruit atop this dessert pizza. Kids can use their creativity to help “dye” the egg with fruit stripes. While we suggest starting with store-bought sugar cookie dough to save time, you can certainly start with a homemade cookie dough base if you prefer.

Douglas Merriam

Play Indoor Bunny Games

Inspire your kids to take a break from their iPad or TV and ask them to play a game in real life. These holiday-theme memory games, races, mazes and more will keep their brains (and bodies) active.



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