Printable Easter Games

Use our free printable games to start an Easter activity that's fun for the whole family. Plus, get more of our favorite Easter printables.

Our free printable boards and pieces make it so easy to start a fun game with the family. Print several tic-tac-toe boards to set around the table at Easter brunch, or get the whole family involved in a big game of bingo. 

Easter Bingo

Print a bingo card for everyone to get the whole family in on this Easter activity. Print and cut the blank page of shapes and add the pieces to a bowl; designate one person to draw shapes and call them out. Have everyone use pennies (or another small object) to cover each square on their cards as the shape and color is called out; the first person with four in a row wins! 

Download the printable bingo game.


Tic-tac-toe is a fun game for any age, so get the whole family involved in this one. Print out the game board and a set of bunny-theme playing pieces. Cut out the pieces and assign each player a color; the first person to get three in a row wins!

Download the free game.

Get more free printable Easter games.


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