Easter Games for Adults

Who says only kids can have fun on Easter? These Easter games and activities for adults mean everyone can join the festivities. We've got a ton of Easter party ideas for adults, including crafts, egg hunts, and baking exchanges. Plus, keep the Easter cocktails flowing for a hopping good time.

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    Easter Egg Decorating

    Who said egg dyeing was just for kids? Intricate designs call for adult attention to details, making this traditional Easter activity just as fun for adults.

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    Electrical Tape Easter Eggs

    Need a new Easter egg decorating idea? All this one takes is dye and electrical tape.

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    Easter Dessert Exchange

    Thinking about including a new treat on your Easter sweets spread? Test delicious new recipes by hosting a baking exchange with your friends.

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    Adult Easter Egg Hunt

    Another Easter activity that adults will enjoy? Easter egg hunts! Hide the eggs in spots you know are too hard for kids. To make this even more entertaining, keep the Easter cocktails flowing!

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    Easter Cocktails

    Easter festivities call for bright, fruity cocktails like these Peach Bellinis. These sips pair perfectly with a classic Easter brunch.

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    Jelly Bean Guessing Game

    Place a dish of spring-color jelly beans (make sure to count them first) in the center of every table, and have guests guess the number of candies in each. The winner gets to keep the candy -- it's up to them if they share or not!

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    Easter Baking Party

    We all have that one baked good we make every Easter. This year, get a group together and bake together! You'll basically be turning your to-do list into a fun Easter activity.

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    Easter Basket Garland

    More into crafts than baked goods? Host an Easter crafting party. We love this adorable garland that makes Easter decorating so easy.

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    Easter Egg Kerplunk

    Instead of plastic balls, use plastic Easter eggs to play this classic game. Learn how to make this giant version of the classic game on All Parenting.

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    Backyard Games for Easter

    All you really need for an afternoon of Easter activities is a backyard or park to play in. Some of our Easter game faves:

    • Egg Toss Partners stand across from each other and throw a raw egg back and forth. After each toss, they take a step backward. The last teamwith a whole egg wins!
    • Egg Darts Make a wooden target, and instead of darts, throw raw eggs. It's a bit messy, but you'll have no problem seeing where the egg hit the target!
    • Egg Bags Swap hard-boiled or plastic eggs for bean bags in the traditional tailgate game. Why? To get in the Easter spirit, that's why.


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