13 Fun Easter Activities for Adults

These activities go far beyond the classic egg hunt.

outdoor floral bouquet assembly party
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Who says only kids can have fun on holidays? These Easter games for adults allow everyone to join in the festivities. We've got a ton of party ideas, including crafts, egg hunts, and baking exchanges. Serve our Easter recipes, drinks, and desserts for a hopping good time.

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Backyard Games for Easter

Painted ring toss yard game on lawn
Chelsea Foy of Lovely Indeed

All you really need for an afternoon of Easter activities is a backyard or park to play in. Some of our favorite Easter games:

Egg Toss: Partners stand across from each other and throw a raw egg back and forth. After each toss, they take a step backward. The last team with a whole egg wins.

Egg Darts: Make a wooden target, and instead of darts, throw raw eggs. It's a bit messy, but you'll have no problem seeing where the egg hit the target.

Ring Toss: After the kids' Easter egg hunt, gather in the backyard for a game of ring toss. Try making your own ring-toss set.

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Adult Easter Egg Decorating

colorful easter eggs on marble table
Brie Passano

Easter egg dyeing is definitely not just for kids—intricate designs call for an adult's attention to details, making this traditional activity just as fun for grownups. If you'd like to keep your eggs once the decorating is over, use ceramic or wooden eggs ($10, Amazon) instead of real ones.

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Easter Dessert Exchange

Zucchini-Olive Oil Cake
Con Poulos

Thinking about including a new treat to your Easter sweets spread? Test delicious new recipes by hosting your friends to a baking exchange. Make it a game by holding a vote for your favorite dessert. The winner gets an Easter basket filled with treats, candy, or even champagne.

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Host a Crafting Party

paper marbling party women paint splatters
Buff Strickland

If you love the swirled look of shaving cream Easter eggs, try your hand at marbleizing paper. This fun craft for adults is a great excuse for a party. Invite your friends over and have everyone create a personal masterpiece—complete with Easter cupcakes and a few cocktails, of course.

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Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Alice & Lois

Another activity that adults will enjoy is an Easter egg hunt. Hide the eggs in spots you know are too hard for kids. To make this even more entertaining, keep the cocktails flowing.

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Easter Baking Party

overhead view of people making filled galettes
Blaine Moats

We all have that one baked good we make every spring. For us, it's a gorgeous Easter pie. This year, get your family and friends baking together. You'll basically be turning your to-do list into a fun Easter activity for adults.

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DIY Flower Arranging

outdoor floral bouquet assembly party
Victoria Pearson

Easter activities for adults don't get prettier than this—make the most of spring blooms with a DIY flower arranging party. Supply each person with everything they'll need to create a spring bouquet. We like to stock up on kraft paper, ribbon, and tissue paper.

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Easter Recipe Challenge

outdoor table with people eating dip with vegetables
Matt Armendariz

Grab your aprons! Challenge your friends to an outdoor Easter recipe cook-off. Have guests bring their favorite spring dishes, along with copies of the recipe for each. Set up tasting stations. Party-goers can vote on their favorites and take the recipe cards home.

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Easter Croquet

woman playing croquet

Easter is the perfect occasion for a classic yard game. Dress up a classic croquet set with a coat of pastel paint perfect for spring. The winner of this game gets to take the set home.

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Host an Easter Cocktail Party

ingredient station for bloody marys

Instead of an adult Easter game, have a small family Easter brunch. Whether you enjoy a few cocktails after your adult Easter egg hunt, or you're making it a boozy brunch, this build-your-own Bloody Mary bar deserves a spot.

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Thow a Terrarium-Making Party

woman sitting at table creating terrariums
Adam Albright

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers and plants. This afternoon-hour terrarium-making party is complete with rosé wine and cupcakes. Use our free printables to dress up the event and get our must-have tips for working with succulents.

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DIY Yard Dominos

wooden colorful yard dominos

Instead of an Easter egg hunt for adults, try a game of yard dominos. Make your own custom set, complete with colorful numbers. Simply cut a board into equal proportions, apply sticker dots, and seal.

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Jelly-Bean Guessing Game

bowls of assorted easter jelly beans
Brie Passano

Place a dish of jelly beans in spring colors (make sure to count them first) in the center of each table, and have guests guess the number of candies in each. The winner of this adult Easter game gets to keep the candy—it's up to them whether they share or not.

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