Looking for fun, fresh ideas for your Easter baskets this year, or wondering what to put into Easter eggs? These Easter basket ideas for kids are available from our Amazon store for speedy delivery.

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Putting eggs, candy, and toys in baskets for children is a classic Easter tradition, but you don't have to fill those personalized Easter baskets with the same old stuff this year. Take your Easter basket one hop further this year: These non-candy Easter basket stuffers are so much better than a basic chocolate bunny.

We've collected traditional Easter basket fillers as well as more creative Easter gifts the kids will love to open. Pick up inexpensive plush toys for toddlers, grab puzzle books for older kids, and get some of our favorite ideas for teen Easter baskets too. If you're also looking for what to put in Easter eggs, we've chosen a few smaller items that are perfect prizes for Easter egg hunts, too. You can shop for all of these ideas in our Amazon store for easy holiday prep.

easter egg printable coloring book pages
Credit: Brie Passano

2-4 Years Old

Filling up Easter baskets for kids is almost as fun as watching little ones open them. Treat them to non-messy art supplies like coloring books and colored pencils, bath toys, plush stuffed animals, and games they can enjoy solo or with a friend. If you're feeling crafty, make one of our fun and kid-friendly Easter crafts to add to a toddler or baby Easter basket.

sidewalk paint in cupcake tin splatters on concrete

5-7 Years Old

Give young school-age children gifts that match their active lifestyles. A few of our favorite Easter basket stuffers include sports gear, puzzle books, modeling clay, and building blocks. Bonus points if you fill their personalized Easter basket with no-mess activities or outdoor crafts since they'll likely want to start right away.

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easter eggs
Credit: Douglas Merriam

8-11 Years Old

Because this is the age when kids start to fine-tune their interests and commit to hobbies, fill their Easter baskets with activities. Have a budding Picasso or future scientist on your hands? Try a paint set or age-appropriate science experiment kit. Small hair accessories also make wonderful Easter egg fillers.

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Wooden peg jump game

12-14 Years Old

Just because they've outgrown the egg hunt doesn't mean they're too old for Easter treats! Give the gift of music, science experiments, and brain teasers. Small electronics like a basic music player, earbuds, or a mini speaker keeps alive the magic of opening a basket of goodies on Easter morning.

gold headphones hanging in box
Credit: Ann VanderWiel Wilde

15-Plus Years Old

As kids get older, they'll appreciate practical gifts more than toys or activity books. For high schoolers, gifts that make a busy schedule less hectic will be appreciated. Consider items they can use at school and home, like USB drives, charging stations, and smartphone accessories. Because this can be a stressful time for teens, fun or relaxing gifts like movie passes or a gift card for dinner with friends will be greatly appreciated.

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