An Important Ranking of All the Surprises You Can Hide in Plastic Easter Eggs

We're breaking down the age-old tradition of plastic egg stuffers ahead of the hunt this holiday season with seven clever ideas that will have the Easter bunny himself thumping in approval.

1. Mini games: Make the fun last well beyond the hunt by filling Easter eggs with miniature games. Stuff the eggs with marbles, small playing cards, or even tiny Rubik's Cubes, and your young hunters will have a whole range of activities to keep them occupied well into the Easter activity lineup.

2. Money: Not even a toddler would say no to a dollar bill or two after breaking into her hard-won plastic Easter egg. Whether she plans to put the money into her piggybank or use it to purchase that new toy she's been eyeing, money is always a safe crowd pleaser.

3. Activity coupons: There's nothing quite so memorable as seeing your kids enjoy a festive family holiday, so make the moments last by stuffing plastic eggs with paper activity coupons. Print any number of activities on small strips of cardstock (for example, a promise to take them to see a movie or out for an ice cream cone), tie the strips with ribbon, and slip them inside assorted eggs, ready to be revealed in the hunt.

4. Candy: Assorted candy has been stuffing Easter eggs for generations, but there's no reason you can't add a little creativity to the tradition. Try mixing up the game itself by putting the same two types of candy in two separate eggs, and repeat with several different pairs of candy. Then, tell your hunters that they only get credit for finding matching candy. Trading is encouraged.

5. Quotes: Keep things low-key and cost effective this season by stuffing your Easter eggs with rolled-up paper fortunes, thoughtful quotes and verses, jokes, or riddles. To ensure that the experience is still a thrilling one, make sure you go all out with your hiding places and give your hunters a real challenge while searching for colored eggs.

6. Numbers: In case pint-size prizes leave a little to be desired among your group of Easter guests, fill a tabletop with lots of big treasures adorned with numbered notes. Then, fill your plastic Easter eggs with corresponding numbered notes. After all of the eggs have been found, hunters can come claim their large-scale toys and treats from the table based on the numbered eggs they found.

7. Seeds: Infuse the sport of an Easter egg hunt with practical and educational excitement by pouring a variety of flower and veggie seeds into plastic eggs, then seal them tight. Once all is said and done (or, in this case, found), offer a little lesson on how to plant flowers with the seeds just in time for spring.


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