35 Pretty Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs Without Dye

pastel easter eggs and blue buffalo check
Photo: Brie Passano

Making colored Easter eggs doesn't have to be complicated or messy—in fact, you don't even need dye! These no-dye Easter eggs are both fun to make and absolutely adorable. Even the kids will love these creative Easter egg ideas!

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Unicorn Easter Eggs

completed unicorn eggs in white holder
Brie Passano

An air-dry clay horn spray-painted gold and a few felt flowers turn ordinary white ceramic eggs into a set of gorgeous unicorn Easter eggs. Use a black felt marker to add eye embellishments, then style your unicorns. Bonus points if you display your unicorn Easter egg DIY with rainbow confetti!

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Gorgeous Glitter Eggs

seven painted pink Easter eggs covered with gold accents
Carson Downing

A bit of paint and colorful glitter is all you need to create stunning, shiny Easter eggs. Look for a variety of sizes and colors of glitter. To make, paint papier-mâché eggs with crafts paint. Cover a part of the egg with Mod Podge ($6, Target) and sprinkle on glitter.

Easter Egg Tip: Display the finished glitter Easter eggs with colorful gold leaf eggs.

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Decoupage Easter Eggs

decoupage easter eggs on blue cloth
Blaine Moats

You'll never guess what these gorgeous no-dye Easter eggs start with paper napkins! Save a stack of patterned napkins and use them to decoupage Easter eggs. This faux Easter eggs craft is our favorite inexpensive decorating hack.

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Marker Easter Eggs

marker easter eggs in white carton
Peter Ardito

Pretty patterns are modern, chic, and easy to draw. Simply use colored permanent markers to make fun designs on your dye-free Easter eggs. Don't worry if your work isn't perfect—wobbly lines and mistakes add character.

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Ceramic Gold Leaf Eggs

ceramic gold leaf easter eggs
Jacob Fox

Create these gorgeous eggs in just minutes! First, cover a set of ceramic eggs with a coat of acrylic paint, then use a paintbrush to brush on gold leaf adhesive—we started from the bottom and brushed toward the top, covering about half of the egg. Let the adhesive dry according to package directions, then add gold leaf flakes ($8, Michaels) using a dry brush to flatten and remove excess.

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Buffalo Check Easter Eggs

pastel easter eggs and blue buffalo check
Brie Passano

Bring buffalo check to Easter! This of-the-moment pattern is perfect for painting on ceramic eggs. Stick to the classic black and white, or mix it up with spring pastels. To get the look, paint overlapping horizontal and vertical stripes of the same color. Fill in the overlapping square with a darker paint color.

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Cactus Easter Eggs

painted cactus eggs in miniature terra cotta pots
Brie Passano

To make this fun Easter egg cactus look, paint eggs in various shades of green, then add details with white or black ink pens. We rolled small spirals of pink crepe paper ($2, Target) to create the flower toppers, then added them to small pots with natural grass as a base.

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Painted Easter Eggs

painted easter eggs with brushes
Johnny Miller

The whole family will love making these vibrant painted Easter eggs. For this Easter egg painting project, simply find several colors of washable tempera paint and ½-inch-wide flat paintbrushes, then go wild with designs!

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Washi Tape Eggs

washi tape eggs in floral and gold
Carson Downing

These pretty Easter eggs are decorated with patterned tape! Choose any pattern you please such as glitter, floral, or polka dot. This simple washi tape egg decorating idea is a mess-free Easter craft for kids.

Easter Egg Decorating Hack: Use a hole punch to create fun polka-dot eggs.

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Pearlized Easter Eggs

pastel pearlized easter eggs in basket
Brie Passano

Make a basket of pretty Easter eggs with just a few coats of pearlized paint. This metallic Easter egg painting idea pops thanks to a simple sponge painting technique. Use ceramic eggs ($28 for 12, Walmart) for a long-lasting Easter display.

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Jewel Easter Eggs

five painted Easter eggs covered in sequins and glitter
Carson Downing

Colorful rows of decorative gemstones transform this faux Easter egg painting idea into a runway-inspired decoration. To make, paint papier-mâché eggs and let dry. Then, press with preassembled self-adhesive jewel sheets, such as self-stick gems.

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Galaxy Painted Eggs

galaxy painted eggs on marble countertop
Jacob Fox

Create this far-out design with a sponge and acrylic paint. Paint a set of ceramic faux Easter eggs black or navy and use a dry sponge to dab on a galactic pattern of blue, green, purple, and pink acrylic paint. Finish the galaxy Easter eggs with a splatter of white paint for the stars and let the eggs dry before displaying.

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Permanent-Marker Doodled Eggs

black permanent marker drawings on eggs
Courtesy of Alisa Burke

If you love to doodle, this simple technique for decorating Easter eggs with markers is just for you! All you'll need are a few hard-boiled eggs, a permanent marker, and a lot of creativity.

Easter Egg Tip: Draw slowly and carefully, and wait for the marker to set before continuing your design on a different side. Protect your hands from marker smudges by holding your egg with a towel.

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Gem Eggs

blue pillow with faux eggs covered in sequins over them
Carson Downing

These hand-painted easter eggs sparkle with faux gems. The key to this look is to pack the gems as tightly as possible. Look for gems and glue in the trim, jewelry, and scrapbooking aisles of your local crafts store.

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Paper Blossom Easter Eggs

paper flowers on eggs in 3 white bowls
Wendell Webber

These easy-to-craft blooms look adorable on plain Easter eggs.

To make the flowers:

  1. Cut origami paper into a range of different-sized squares. Fold the squares and freehand-cut flower patterns of your choice.
  2. Use a small paintbrush to apply white glue to the backs of the flowers and adhere to the eggs, pressing out excess glue or air bubbles.
  3. Cut thin strips of paper to make stems and leaves.
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Surprise-Inside Gold Leaf Eggs

gold leaf easter eggs with crystals inside
Blaine Moats

Faux Easter eggs made of plastic have never looked so chic! Doll them up with a coat of texture paste and finish each Easter egg with gold leafing. We love how the color of the original plastic egg peeks through. Once they're done, fill them with candy and other treasures!

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Tissue Paper Polka-Dot Eggs

tissue paper polka-dot eggs on wood table
Douglas Merriam

Create simple, mess-free Easter eggs with inexpensive colored tissue paper. Use a hole punch to make paper dots, then use a glue stick to adhere them to hard-boiled eggs. To make the polka dots easy to pick up, wet your fingertip with a damp cloth before pressing them onto your Easter eggs.

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Gingham Tape Easter Eggs

gingham tape easter eggs in blue and pink
Jay Wilde

We're stuck on these gorgeous patterned Easter eggs. Skip the dye and use colorful gingham washi tape instead. For a patchwork effect, layer 1-inch and 1⁄2-inch pieces of tape with varying patterns; snip thin strips for a vertical version.

Easter Egg Tip: For easy trimming, stick a piece of washi tape to a cutting mat. With a utility knife and ruler, cut to desired size and shape. The tape easily peels off the mat to stick to eggs.

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Abstract Art Easter Eggs

abstract art easter eggs on purple
Jay Wilde

With a white hard-boiled egg as your canvas, you can inspire your inner artist and create a mini-masterpiece. Use a medium-tip black permanent marker to doodle curlicue lines, broadening a few strokes. Fill in your design with colored permanent markers and finish with polka dots that follow the curves of the lines.

Easter Egg Tip: If you plan to eat the colored Easter eggs, use a food-safe marker.

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Pretty Ribbon Easter Eggs

easter eggs with ribbon on green plates
Kim Cornelison

For fashionable Easter eggs in a hurry, look to leftover sewing scraps. Narrow ribbons and rickrack make easy egg decorations when adhered with decoupage. No time to fuss with glue? Self-adhesive fabric tape makes decorating even easier and comes in a variety of pretty colors and fun patterns.

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Yellow Tulip Easter Eggs

yellow tulip easter eggs in white cups
David Prince

No messy dyes are needed to create these clever garden-inspired eggs. To make the tulip-petal pattern, tear small pieces of yellow washi tape and cover Easter eggs, varying the placement of the tape. Complete the blooms by placing the eggs in cupcake liners with a grasslike print, and display atop ceramic egg cups or candlesticks.

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Geometric Easter Eggs

pastel geometric easter eggs in yellow bowl
Peter Ardito

Washi tape comes in a wide variety of bright hues and patterns, and you can cut it into geometric shapes before sticking it to the shells of Easter eggs. Varying lengths and sizes of your shapes will create an eye-catching, mess-free display.

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Tattoo Easter Eggs

butterfly tattoos on easter eggs
Peter Ardito

Think outside the box while decorating your Easter eggs this year. Temporary tattoos stick to eggs just like they would to your skin. With a steady hand, use a damp sponge to press and hold the image on the eggshell for 30 seconds.

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Flower Garden Easter Eggs

floral decal easter eggs
Peter Ardito

Mimic springtime flowers with this fun tabletop garden. Use leftover 3-D scrapbooking stickers to accessorize your Easter eggs, then display them in egg cups. This Easter egg project is as easy as peel and stick!

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Pastel Striped Eggs

pastel striped easter eggs in white bowl
David Prince

Soft pastel colors give these no-dye Easter eggs a seasonal feel. To create this look, cut a variety of colorful washi tape into thin lengthwise strips. Attach strips to the egg, allowing overlap at the top and bottom.

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Easter Egg Chicks

easter egg chicks on yellow confetti
Kritsada Panichgul

It's oh-so-easy to turn plain Easter eggs into adorable chicks. Snip foam flowers in quarters and hot-glue them to the bottom of the egg to make feet. Cut a small triangle from orange foam for the nose, and draw two eyes with permanent marker. Hot-glue two feathers to the back of the egg, and add a smaller feather tuft to the top of the egg for a head accent.

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Yarn-Wrapped Easter Eggs

pastel yarn-wrapped easter eggs
Kritsada Panichgul

Use a bit of leftover yarn from other crafts to make these sweet Easter eggs.

  1. Start at one end of a ball of yarn (to get a striped effect, use yarn dyed multiple colors) and make a ½-inch coil. Hot-glue the coil to one end of your egg, and press with your fingers to secure.
  2. Wrap the yarn slowly around the egg, hot-gluing at ¼-inch intervals.
  3. Cut the yarn and finish your coil when you're close to the other end of your egg.
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Bunny Easter Eggs

pipe cleaner bunny easter eggs in white basket
Kritsada Panichgul

Pipe cleaners and fuzzy pom-pom balls add Easter bunny flair to these eggs. Take one pipe cleaner, set the egg in the middle, and twist the two ends together at the top of the egg. Fold each end over to make the ears, and twist to secure. Glue a matching pom-pom ball to the backside of the egg, and draw a face on the front with permanent marker to complete the look.

Easter Egg Tip: To prevent the pipe cleaner from slipping off the egg, secure with a dab of glue at the top and bottom. Let dry before putting your bunnies on display.

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Button-Decorated Easter Eggs

button-decorated easter eggs in bowl
Kritsada Panichgul

A bag of crafts store buttons is all you need for this no-dye Easter egg design. Play around with different button colors and sizes to form pretty shapes (such as the flowers shown here), and hot-glue them to hard-boiled eggs for a quick and easy Easter project.

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Flower Sticker Easter Eggs

flower sticker easter eggs in planter
Kritsada Panichgul

Neon dot stickers from an office supply store add a fresh look to no-dye Easter eggs. Alternate colors to create your bouquet. Display your eggs in a flowerpot with green fabric to round out your garden display.

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Potted Plants Easter Eggs

floral easter eggs in small planters
Kim Cornelison

Let kids create a fun (and mess-free) indoor garden with colorful floral scrapbook stickers and hard-boiled eggs. Make every Easter egg a star by propping each in its own mini terra-cotta pot. Dress up the planters by hot-gluing ribbon around the top edge.

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Fabric-Covered Eggs

fabric-covered easter eggs in bowl
David Prince

Add springtime flair to your home with these delightful fabric-covered eggs. Attach bright fabric remnants to a double-sided adhesive sheet. Make sure to smooth out air bubbles. Next, cut the sheet into strips, remove the backing, and attach to eggs. Repeat until you have your desired look.

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Polka-Dot Glitter Eggs

polka-dot glitter easter eggs
David Prince

Using a crafts punch, punch circles from double-sided adhesive. Attach them to the eggs. Pour different colors of glitter into separate bowls. Roll each egg in glitter; remove excess with a clean paintbrush. For a multicolor egg, place a few stickers on one egg at a time. Roll in glitter, remove excess, adhere more circles, and repeat with a different color of glitter.

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Glitter-Striped Easter Eggs

glitter-striped easter eggs in clear egg container
David Prince

Create vibrant bands of color by attaching double-sided adhesive strips to an egg. Pour different colors of glitter into separate bowls. Remove the backing from one strip of adhesive. Starting with the darkest color first, firmly roll the egg in glitter. Remove excess glitter with a clean paintbrush. Repeat for each color.

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Sequin Eggs

two faux easter eggs covered in pink and purple sequins
Carson Downing

This Easter egg painting idea starts with spun cotton faux eggs. Once painted, use a spot of sequin glue to attach sequins, overlapping the edges slightly. Insert a sequin pin through each sequin hole and display.

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