Marbled Eggs is the Easter Tradition You've Been Waiting For

The marbled look is easier to achieve than you think.

You've heard of marbled countertops and floors, but would you ever think to marble an egg? That's exactly what the creative minds at tried when thinking up untraditional ways to dye Easter eggs.

Though their methods may be unusual, the results are stunning. These Easter eggs have a perfectly marbled surface and are surprisingly simple to make at home. It's almost too good to be true. We said almost.

The trick to their stylish holiday fun? Nail polish! Similar to the trending marbled nail look, these eggs took a quick dip in a colorful concoction of soft pastels.

It all starts with a small cup or container of water. Drizzle one to two colors of nail polish over the surface of the water and use a toothpick to gently swirl the polish together. Stop when you see the marbled look you're aiming for. The kids would love to help with this step!

To find out how to transfer the nail polish marble design onto your hard-boiled egg, check out's video below. We know this will be apart of our Easter traditions this year!

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A little dab of rubber cement and a quick dunk in a homemade egg dye makes for gorgeous speckled Easter eggs. Here's our super-simple formula! Editor'€™s note: Rubber cement is not food-safe so these eggs should not be consumed.


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