The Easy Way to Blow Eggs to Empty Them for Decorating 

Try this egg-blowing trick, then use the hollowed-out eggs for all sorts of Easter crafts.

Hard-boiled eggs work fine for Easter egg dyeing, but blowing an egg out of the shell allows you to reuse your decor. Try to blow eggs for Easter centerpieces, Easter trees, or as part of a spring wreath. Although you can purchase an egg blowing kit, you can do it yourself with items you have around the house.

We'll show you our favorite tool for blowing eggs and tips for cleaning and drying the eggs. Learn how to blow out an egg, then put your newfound skill to good use by using our favorite Easter egg decorating ideas.

Dyeing eggs with all-natural dye

How to Blow Out an Egg

Supplies Needed

  • Uncooked eggs
  • Small rotary tool, cuticle scissors, or crafts knife
  • Safety glasses
  • Bowl
  • Pin or paper clip
  • Bulb syringe
  • Water
  • Bleach

Step-by-Step Directions

Follow these easy how-to instructions to blow out uncooked eggs. You should be able to blow out one dozen eggs in about an hour, not including dry time.

using dremel to drill hole into egg

Step 1: Poke Holes in the Egg

Here's how to create a hole in an egg without breaking the whole shell:

The key to blowing eggs is to not crack the shell. Use a small rotary tool or the sharp point of a pair of cuticle scissors or craft knife to carefully poke a hole slightly larger than a 1/8-inch diameter at each end of the raw egg. Wear safety glasses, especially if using a power tool. Do this over an empty bowl or container to catch drips once the holes have been cut.

sucking contents out of egg shell

Step 2: Drain Egg Whites and Yolk

The most essential part of blowing the yolk out of an egg comes next. Poke a pin or bent paper clip through the holes several times to break up the yolk. Next, place a bulb syringe in one of the holes and squeeze it to blow the egg's contents out through the other end. Continue to gently squeeze until the entire egg is empty.

hollowed-out egg with skewer

Step 3: Clean and Dry Eggs

Rinse the blown egg gently with water and a tiny amount of bleach to remove any remaining membrane. Remember; don't mix bleach with other cleaning chemicals. Let dry completely before using the egg in any Easter craft projects.

Easter Eggs

Blown Eggs Decorating Ideas

Now that you've mastered blowing eggs for Easter, you're all set to paint the shells or decorate as you wish! The drainage holes you already made are a great place to string ribbon through for a delicate garland or Easter tree decoration. While hard-boiled eggs start to smell if left out too long, clean, blown out eggs work well for decor you want to leave up all season.

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