21 Easy Easter Basket Ideas for Every Bunny

Photo: Courtesy of Alice and Lois

Get the family together to craft a simple DIY Easter basket. These homemade baskets can be personalized to your taste, are low-cost, and you'll use them year after year. Get our most creative Easter basket ideas for every bunny!

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DIY Felt Flower Easter Basket

Courtesy of Alice and Lois

Celebrate spring with a chic handmade Easter basket. All it takes is a bouquet of handmade, colorful felt flowers and a simple wicker basket. This project makes a great Easter basket idea for adults.

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Unicorn Easter Basket

completed diy unicorn easter basket
Brie Passano

A few simple embellishments transform a plain white basket into a magical unicorn Easter basket. A felt unicorn and ears sit above a mane of multicolor DIY pom-poms.

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Felt Easter Basket

felt easter basket with goodies
Ryan Liebe

Make your own homemade Easter basket out of felt. A mixture of crafts glue ($2, Target) keeps the material stiff enough to hold goodies. This creative Easter basket idea is perfect for bunnies on a budget: It costs under $5 to make.

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DIY Moss Covered Easter Basket


This chic DIY Easter basket doubles as a gorgeous spring centerpiece. Cover a plain wood box with faux moss ($8, Crate & Barrel) and embellish with faux flowers for a unique Easter basket idea that lasts all season long.

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Woven Paper Easter Basket

paper easter baskets crocheted eggs bunnies
Blaine Moats

Transform heavyweight scrapbooking paper into an inexpensive Easter basket with a simple weaving technique. Fill your finished basket with candy and goodies—and maybe a few colorful dyed Easter eggs.

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Muslin Easter Treat Bag

Courtesy of Alice and Lois

No basket, no biggie! Create a trio of adorable Easter treat bags with our free printable download. Fill the finished bags with your favorite Easter candy or treats.

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DIY Treat Cones

girl holding DIY carrot treat cones Easter basket
Andy Lyons

Although these DIY carrot treat cones aren't as large as a traditional Easter basket, they will still be a surprisingly sweet treat. Plus, they're easy to make. Prepare these Easter baskets for kids as a special surprise, or make them ahead of Easter brunch and give one to each family member.

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Easter Bunny Treat Cups

Easter DIY bunny treat holder paper cups
Andy Lyons

The key to this creative Easter basket idea is hiding in your cupboard! Transform a plain paper cup into a cute DIY bunny treat holder with our free template and colorful paper. These unique Easter "baskets" are perfect for holding small Easter egg fillers like candy or stickers.

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Flowery Rain Boots Easter Basket

rain boots recycled Easter basket eggs
Jay Wilde

Wondering how to make Easter baskets by recycling household items you already own? Spring-pattern rain boots serve as a neat hiding place for sweet Easter treats.

To make them, stuff a layer of Easter grass into the bottom of each boot. Add plastic eggs, candy, and other small gifts until you reach the top, then tuck in more faux grass for a pretty display in this clever Easter basket alternative.

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Tin Easter Basket

children holding tin Easter baskets eggs
Douglas Merriam

Enliven a plain-Jane metal tin as this year's Easter basket. Metal buckets with handles are the standard choice, but pretty options without handles will hold candy and other Easter treats. To make it, trim a thick band of solid-color paper from poster board. Wrap it around the center of a tin pail, attaching with a hot-glue gun ($5, Walmart) as you go. Secure the ends with tape. To personalize pails, pick each egg hunter's favorite color.

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Coiled Fabric Easter Baskets

DIY colorful coiled fabric Easter baskets
Adam Albright

All you need to make our pretty DIY Easter baskets is a cord, fabric strips, and glue. Fill them with spring candy and treats for a sweet and personalized Easter basket.

For each basket, you'll need 3/4 yard of colored print fabric (cut into 16 x 1 1/2-inch strips), 4 yards of cotton piping cord, and a hot-glue gun and glue sticks or needle and thread. Hot-glue a fabric strip to one end of the cord, and wrap it around the cord on the diagonal. Repeat to cover the cord. Coil the cord tightly around itself, hot-gluing as you go, and adding covered cords until you've reached your desired base size. Build the sides by gluing covered cords to the edge of the base and then coiling it upward, until your basket is the desired height. Add tiny handles fashioned from leftover fabric.

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Gingham Garland Basket

gingham fabric handle wicker Easter basket
Andy Lyons

A fun Easter garland is the secret to this pastel Easter basket. Simply tie scraps of gingham fabric to the basket handle and you're done. Customize your basket with any patterned fabric you like.

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Dip-Dyed Baskets

rainbow dye-dipped baskets and flowers
Blaine Moats

A quick dip in dye transforms inexpensive chipwood baskets. Submerge the entire basket or part of it, depending on the look you want. This cheap Easter craft doubles as a chic Easter centerpiece. Simply fill the finished baskets with colorful eggs, flowers, and bunny figurines.

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Easy Paper Basket

personalized kraft bag Easter basket washi tape
Mark Mantegna

Unique Easter baskets don't have to be expensive! A little washi tape is all it takes to transform a brown paper bag into a pretty Easter basket idea for kids. Customize each with your little bunny's name and you're ready to start the Easter egg hunt.

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Colorful Button Easter Basket

colorful button Easter basket ribbon handle
Kritsada Panichgul

We've buttoned up how to turn a basic wooden basket into one ready for the Easter hunt. Simply glue on buttons of all shapes, sizes, and colors. No need to be exact. Tie a pretty pink ribbon to the handle for a holiday-ready presentation.

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Paper Flower Basket

yellow Easter basket candy paper flowers
Lucy Schaeffer

This DIY Easter basket is all about the handle. Handmade paper flowers give this purchased basket a twist. Make any shape flowers you like, then twist them around the handle using florists wire.

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Easter Bonnet Basket

Easter bonnet hat Easter basket eggs
Jacqueline Hopkins

We turned the idea of a pretty Easter basket on its head. Start by freshening any hat with a dryer sheet. Build up a base with wadded paper towels covered with greenery. Fill it with softly colored eggs, either real or artificial. Hollowed-out eggs can be stuffed with paper ribbons bearing spring wishes, egg-hunting clues, or names for place cards.

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Fabric-Wrapped Easter Tins

fabric-wrapped decoupaged tin pots planters
Cameron Sadeghpour

Scraps of your favorite fabrics turn regular tin planters into adorable Easter gift baskets. When cutting out the fabric, allow extra on all edges to fold under, and plan for holes for the pail's handle. Apply a decoupage medium such as Mod Podge ($5, Target) to the pail; cover with fabric. Smooth out any air bubbles. Finish with a second coat of decoupage medium.

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Large Easter Tub

large blue tub Easter labeled toys
Adam Albright

A simple label transforms a colorful tub into a baby Easter basket in a pinch. If you're giving a handful of toys or simply want a long-lasting Easter basket, the large-size tub works great. Write the child's name on a label and tie it to the handle with a matching ribbon. Children will love how many toys and treats this sturdy "basket" can hold.

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Easter Treat Basket

pink dotted paper Easter basket eggs
Cameron Sadeghpour

This dainty pink basket makes an adorable nest for painted eggs, jelly beans, or chocolates. For a personalized Easter basket, add a monogram to the side.

To make it, print out the free pattern, cut, and assemble.Tie with a bright pastel bow as the final flourish for your Easter basket.

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Pretty Paper Easter Basket

scrapbook paper ribbon Easter basket button
Jay Wilde

Celebrate spring with a DIY pastel-theme custom Easter basket that's full of brightly painted eggs. Our adorable Easter gift basket comes together with just a bit of scrapbook paper and ribbon. First, download our pattern; cut out. Fold the pieces on the dotted lines as indicated, and punch out each circle along the sides. Adhere the sides to the back and front pieces, and fold up. Thread ribbon through the holes to hold the basket together, then attach the handle pieces.

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