Turn plain ceramic eggs into a bright Easter display by decoupaging them with printed paper napkins. Plus, get more of our best egg decorating ideas!

March 06, 2018
easter eggs decoupaged with paper napkins

Make a gorgeous display of patterned eggs using paper napkins and a few coats of decoupage medium. The hardest part about this project will be choosing the napkin patterns. Make a matching set, or purchase a multi-pattern package of paper napkins for a bright and fun display.

What You'll Need:

ceramic eggs and paper napkins
  • Paper napkins
  • Ceramic eggs
  • Decoupage medium
  • Water
  • Foam brush
  • Waxed paper

Step 1: Prepare paper materials

These gorgeous eggs start with brightly patterned paper napkins. You can make a whole set from the same pattern, or switch it up with all different patterns. You can find paper napkins at most crafts or party supply stores. If you want to make a eggs with different patterns, look for a multi-pattern pack of napkins to stay on budget. When you've chosen the patterns, cut paper napkins into approximately 1-inch squares and prepare a set of ceramic eggs to be decoupaged.

Step 2: Decoupage eggs

Use a foam brush to paint a small section of each egg wtih a decoupage medium that's been diluted with a little water. Apply a few napkin squares over each decoupaged surface, and then brush another layer of decoupage on top of the paper squares. Repeat this process, overlapping the squares, until the egg is completely covered. Let the eggs dry on waxed paper; when they're dry, arrange them into a gorgeous Easter centerpiece or a pretty tabletop display. 


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