Peeps Are Finally Back on Shelves, Just in Time for Easter

The marshmallow treats were discontinued last April due to the pandemic. 

Last Easter was the first major holiday impacted by COVID-19, and it feels a bit surreal to be preparing for another Easter brunch while the pandemic is still going on. And while social distancing and other restrictions are far from over, we've got good news that will brighten up your Easter at home.

It's not a proper holiday celebration without a few festive-shaped Peeps, but last April, Just Born Quality Confections (the company that manufactures the marshmallow treats) announced that they would be discontinuing candy production indefinitely due to the pandemic. There were no new Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine's Day treats made over the last year—but over the past few weeks, the chick-shaped marshmallows were spotted back on store shelves again.

Pink and yellow marshmallow Peeps
William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

The manufacturer recently announced the marshmallow treats would indeed be back in production in time for the upcoming Easter holiday, and we're definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

While there won't be as many flavor and shape variations available this year, you'll be able to find the classic sugared chick-shaped treats as well as a few bunnies and chocolate-dipped marshmallows. If you're looking for something specific, Just Born has a full list of the Peeps products that will be on shelves this year.

So as you plan your small-scale Easter brunch menu and plan a virtual egg hunt, you'll be able to continue one normal Easter tradition this year by adding Peeps to your Easter baskets.

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