4 Easter Charcuterie Board Ideas to Elevate Your Holiday Spread

Filled with all the chocolate eggs (and other goodies) you can fit on a board!

Desserts for Easter brunch don't have to be an elaborate affair. Instead, create a sweets-laden charcuterie board for after the ham and side dishes. These Easter charcuterie board ideas are like more typical charcuterie boards (here's how to put one together if you've never made one before), but they're filled with marshmallow bunnies and chocolate eggs instead of the normal meats, cheeses, and desserts.

There are currently almost 6,000 posts tagged #EasterCharcuterie on Instagram, and we expect to see many more as we get closer to Easter Sunday. So to help you find inspiration for your own holiday board, we've rounded up our favorite Easter boards on Instagram.

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Pretty in Pastel

This intricate board by Dana Mazzara-Pinkow from On Board with Dana features our favorite Easter treats—all in festive pastel shades. To make your own, hit the Easter aisle at the grocery store and grab a variety of bunny and egg-shaped candies, then group them on a rectangular wood serving board.

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Easter Eats

This bright dessert display by Everyday Tables couldn't be more festive. They arranged chocolate bunnies, Marshmallow Peeps, and gorgeous cookies on top of a round wood serving tray for the ultimate Easter brunch appetizer.

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Egg-Cellent Snacks

Who says decorating Easter eggs is limited to actual eggs? Meg Quinn of Ain't Too Proud to Meg created this gorgeous egg-inspired display by layering differently-colored candies on top of an oval-shaped board. If you're looking for more holiday inspiration, her Easter candy board looks delicious too!

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Easter Must-Haves

This tasty creation from Board - Oh! has all the Easter necessities: Marshmallow Peeps, chocolate carrots, marshmallow bunnies, egg-shape cookies, and of course, chocolate Easter eggs. Creating the look at home is easy—just grab all your Easter favorites and assemble them atop a wood serving board.

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