23 Vintage Easter Decorations for a Nostalgic Spring Celebration

vintage-inspired floral eggs in bowl

Try your hand at this collection of vintage Easter decor ideas. We're sharing our favorite ways to decorate with flea market finds, antique Easter figurines, and handmade crafts. All of it is springtime pretty with fun, quirky twists.

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Gingham Style

easter table bunny pastel gingham runner
David A. Land

It's a garden party—indoors edition—at stylist Eddie Ross's house for Easter, where ceramic bunnies perch amidst 1950s cabbage plates and sunny ranunculus on the dinner table. Everything is on-theme, but not over the top, thanks to a tight color palette and versatile collectibles. "These are all things that, when they come together, read Easter," Eddie says. "But you can really use them individually year-round." Create the look for your table by embracing vintage and rounding it out with quick DIYs.

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Vintage-Inspired Floral Easter Eggs

vintage-inspired floral eggs in bowl

Start your Easter decor with a basket filled with vintage Easter decorations crafted from eggs—well, vintage-inspired. Give your display retro touches by applying temporary tattoos to Easter eggs that have been dyed and dried. Use all-natural Easter egg dyes to create subtle muted colors. These patterned eggs look best when displayed with greenery, or arranged in a vintage ceramic Easter basket.

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Earthy Bouquet

bouquet centerpiece carrot vase rose
David A. Land

This centerpiece plays up the carrots' sunny colors. You need carrots with their frilly greens still attached and a clear vase to show off the roots. Pair with yellow and orange ranunculus, tulips, or other spring flowers in similar tones from the grocery store. Wash carrots thoroughly (but don't peel) before arranging to keep the water clean.

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Vintage Teacup Decorations

vintage cups and saucers filled with lily of the valley

Vintage Easter decorations can be as bold or subtle as you would like. For just a touch of nostalgia, delicate teacups and saucers are the perfect vessels for small flower arrangements. Fill each teacup with soaked floral foam and add in small blooms, like grape hyacinth or lily of the valley. These precious arrangements add pops of springtime color to a side table, kitchen counter, or powder room.

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Easter Countdown

advent calendar eggs Easter decorating washi tape
David A. Land

Stylist Eddie Ross keeps the egg decorating simple in his treasure hunt display using washi tape ($6, Joann) and stick-on glittered numbers. Inside the eggs are on-theme clues like "Where might you find dust bunnies?" leading to gifts hidden around the house. (Under the bed, in this case.) He arranges numbered eggs and candy-filled eggs on stacked cake stands.

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Boxed Easter Displays

Easter_Stacked decorative scenes and bunny

Miniature spring dioramas are vintage Easter decorations from the Victorian era. This DIY version captures the look with the help of modern crafts supplies. The scenes are built into small cardboard boxes lined with colored paper and artificial moss. Bring each box to life with vintage figurines, tiny toys, or images from retro postcards. Consider displaying your finished scene alongside a vintage Easter bunny.

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Bunny Napkins

bunny napkin easter cardstock
David A. Land

To make this adorable bunny napkin holder:

  1. Draw the bunny face on a circle of cardstock (trace around a glass) with a pom-pom nose glued on. The jaunty bow tie is a loop of patterned cardstock.
  2. Glue ends of a 6-inch strip into a loop; pinch and glue together at center.
  3. For the bow tie knot, wrap a 2-inch strip around the cinched center; glue ends.
  4. Glue back of bow to bunny face, then glue back of bunny face to the paper band around the folded napkin.
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Vintage Pastel Tea Set

vintage yellow dishes

Hosting a retro Easter brunch starts with a little antiquing! Throughout the winter, keep your eyes peeled for dishes in coordinating pastels like yellow, pink, or baby blue. Mix and match patterns for dishes that make lovely vintage Easter decor.

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Vintage Easter Egg Holders

decorated Easter eggs on glass cake stand

Plain eggs get an old-timey twist with these vintage decorated Easter egg holders. To create these antique Easter eggs, start with illustrations that fit into your vintage theme. Nostalgic images like Easter bunnies, flowers, or butterflies are ideal designs.

Print and cut out each design. Glue the images to a strip of pastel construction paper. Wrap the strip into a ring large enough to hold an egg and secure with glue. Fill each holder with a white egg.

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Vintage Scales

vintage scales and bhg cookbooks

Time to raid grandma's cupboards! Old-school scales are the perfect vintage Easter decorations for your kitchen or arranged on your springtime mantel. Vintage cookbooks are a great way to round out the display. Try checking out a local secondhand bookstore if grandma's old cookbooks are too tattered to display.

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Easter Glass-Encased Centerpiece

easter terrarium

Antique Easter decorations can be a bit more fragile than their contemporary counterparts. Encasing a decorative display of spring blooms, antique silver dishes, colored eggs, and a vintage photo will keep your decor safe and intact. Try mixing up your treasures under a clear glass cloche. Vintage Easter figurines, tiny ceramics, or even paper bunnies are all fun additions to this centerpiece.

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Easter Cake Display

White Easter cake display, purple background

Of course, Easter dinner is a big deal—but so is Easter dessert! Prepare your guests for the sweet treat ahead with a beautiful Easter cake display. Dress up your special occasion cake stand by surrounding it with classic Easter decor. We added one of our favorite vintage Easter bunny figurines and a simple potted white orchid.

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Teapot Houses

vintage tea set

These vintage Easter decorations give a whole new meaning to tiny houses! Check out your local antique shop for retro teapot houses that inspire a spring tone—we love the ones featuring flowers. Incorporate a "neighborhood" of these teapots into your vintage Easter decor by arranging them with other flea market finds to form a simple centerpiece.

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Butterfly and Flower Table Decoration

Decorative glass platters with branches and butterfly

Make your Easter table decor pop! Start with a table runner in a springtime hue. Paint quail eggs and butterfly cutouts to match. Hot glue the butterflies to cut branches and arrange on the table. Fill small raised dishes with faux peony blooms and fill each flower "nest" with the painted eggs.

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Tabletop Easter Tree

Spring/Easter tree, full shot

This DIY Easter tree will fit in perfectly with your vintage Easter decor.

To make:

  1. Spray paint a bunch of gathered branches white and arrange them in a pail lined with floral foam.
  2. Weigh down the pail with sand, stones, or pebbles.
  3. To decorate your Easter tree, hang blown-out pastel eggs with ribbons and finish with handmade paper bird ornaments.
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Spring Floral Card

Easter card with ribbon

Floral Easter cards might not technically be vintage Easter decor, but they harken back to the good old days before "Happy Easter" text messages. Plus, you can't email the smell of fresh flowers.

  1. Fold cardstock into a simple card shape, then glue a piece of scallop-edged vellum to the front.
  2. Glue a small decorative envelope on top of the vellum.
  3. Once all the layers have dried, cut a small hole through the vellum and cardstock just above the decorative envelope. The hole should be just large enough for a small florist's tube ($2, Michaels).
  4. Fill the tube with water and a few springtime blooms and fit the tube into the hole.
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Spring Lamb's Ear Wreath

Wreath with small flowers

Welcome your Easter guests with a handmade spring wreath. Start by wrapping a foam wreath form with satin ribbon. Hot glue faux lamb's ear leaves to the wreath form. Cut faux blooms and hot glue them to the wreath.

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Chocolate Easter Bunny Place Card

Easter Chocolate bunny

Chocolate Easter bunnies are a springtime classic. Delight everyone around your Easter table with a simple place setting that's good enough to eat. Set each place at your table with a large chocolate Easter bunny and finish with place cards decorated with floral stickers.

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Chick Egg Covers

yellow chick egg holder covers, blue wall

This quick sewing project is both practical and an adorable vintage Easter decoration. Inspired by British tea cozies, these little chicks will keep soft-cooked eggs hot.

To make a cozy:

  1. Trace and cut out two simple chick shapes from a piece of yellow terry cloth.
  2. Layer the two chick shapes, wrong sides out.
  3. Hand-stitch the edges together, leaving the base open. Turn right sides out.
  4. A black french-knot makes eyes and black felt makes a beak.
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Easter Memory Boxes

2 shadow boxes, bird nest on top

Think of these as the grown-up, vintage version of shoebox dioramas.

Purchase or make white shadowboxes. Line the back of each box with colorful paper. Then add your favorite pieces of Easter decor. Vintage Easter figurines, bird's nests, and other antique Easter decorations create a lovely treasure trove of memories.

Try switching out your favorite pieces each year for a handmade Easter decoration that pays homage to the old while being fresh each year.

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Hanging Out

Easter Hanging basket

Sometimes throwback Easter decor is more vintage-inspired than actual antique. If you don't have genuinely vintage Easter egg tree decorations, try a DIY version. Cut vintage photos to make festive paper ornaments. Then, attach each image to a ribbon or string and hang it on your Easter tree.

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Vintage Ceramic Bunnies

porcelain bunnies

Dress your vintage Easter bunny is his Sunday's best! Add some springtime flair to each bunny with colorful ribbons and flowers. Display your figures as part of a sweet spring centerpiece.

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Butterfly Planter

vintage porcelain basket with butterflies

Pansies are the perfect flower for a colorful springtime arrangement. Try using a vintage ceramic Easter basket as the planter for this assemble-it-yourself piece of decor. Fill the basket with soaked floral foam and top with green moss. Insert cut pansies and finish with a few paper butterflies.

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