Vintage Easter Decorations

Evoke your favorite Easter memories by decorating your home with these nostalgic creations.

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    Boxed Easter Displays

    Inspired by delicate sugar eggs that house intricate candy scenes, these boxed displays are easy to fashion with materials from craft stores. Start with small cardboard boxes and cover the insides with colored paper. Line the bottom of the boxes with moss. Create miniature scenes with tiny baskets and toy chicks or with images cut from vintage Easter postcards. Give your display a three-dimensional effect by attaching image cutouts to a small branch or by scattering additional elements -- such as a piece of eggshell and individual paper blossoms -- around the image.

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    Vintage Teacup Decorations

    Vintage teacups and their saucers are ideal containers for tiny flower arrangements that will brighten up a kitchen counter, bedside table, or powder room. Fill the cups with well-soaked floral foam or use a small metal florist's frog, if necessary, to hold the flowers in place. Look in your yard or at the flower shop for small blooms, such as grape hyacinth or lily-of-the-valley, which match the scale of the cups.

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    Vintage Easter Egg Holders

    Copyright-free holiday illustrations are the starting point for these old-fashioned egg holders. (Books and CDs of these illustrations are available at bookstores and online.) Color-copy the images or print them from your computer; cut out and glue each one to a strip of colored paper. Wrap the strip into a circle large enough to hold an egg upright and secure ends.

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    Easter Glass-Encased Centerpiece

    Showcase spring treasures by using a clear glass cloche elevated on a footed cake plate. Silver-tone accents pair nicely with blue-violet blooms, a vintage photo, and paper ducklings. Varying the height and scale of the objects adds interest to the Easter display.

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    Bunny Floral Arrangement

    Uniquely shaped containers can add a festive spring touch to the simplest arrangement, such as this Easter bunny vase holding an assortment of pretty spring flowers. Wrap ribbons around the bouquet that mimic the colors of the flowers for a cohesive spring look.

    For our arrangement, we used Spanish moss, two shades of the same flower, fake green leaves, and fake grape clusters.

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    Easter Cake Display

    Make your favorite cake the belle of the Easter ball by turning it into the centerpiece of an adorable display. Use your favorite Easter pieces -- like a ceramic rabbit -- to let your guests know that spring has arrived.

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    Butterfly and Flowers Table Decoration

    A combination of small raised dishes, flowers, eggs, and butterflies makes this Easter table decoration pop. Match the color of pretty painted quail eggs to the table runner and butterflies for a cohesive piece of spring decor. Hot-glue butterflies to branches placed around the dishes. Since the flowers serve as a nest, use an open round flower, such as the peonies (shown here) or a rose.

    Editor's Tips:
    -- Display this decoration on a side table, dining table, or mantel.
    -- Use footed ice cream dishes, cocktail glasses, or any other similarly shaped container.
    -- In lieu of painted quail eggs, use Easter candy wrapped in foil.

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    Tabletop Easter Tree

    A simple Easter tree is made even cuter when it's propped inside a blue pail. To make the decoration, gather branches and spray-paint white; after drying, place inside a pail and arrange branches to stay put with foam. Add stones, glass pebbles, or the like to decorate and weigh down the container. Hang blown-out egg ornaments and homemade crafts to decorate this Easter favorite.

    Editor's Tip: Clean sand (for use in children's sandboxes) can also be used in the pail.

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    Spring Floral Card

    If you can hand-deliver your Easter greeting, make it a blooming card. Create a card using cardstock and then glue a piece of scallop-edge vellum to the front of it. Layer a decorative envelope on top and cut a hole big enough for a small florist's tube just above it. Insert a few flowers into the tube and push it through the hole in the card.

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    Spring Lamb's Ear Wreath

    Velvety leaves of lamb's ear are hot-glued to a plastic-foam wreath to create this pretty look. Be sure to cover the sides as well as the top to hide the entire foam ring. Hot-glue silk flowers to the leaves for colorful accents and then hang wreath with a ribbon or set flat on a dining table as an Easter centerpiece.

    Editor's Tip: In lieu of fresh leaves use artificial ones to create a timeless wreath.

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    Chocolate Easter Bunny Place Card

    Large chocolate bunnies bring out the kid in everyone. Set each place at your Easter table with a sweet like this and a place card dressed up with delicate floral stickers.

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    Chick Egg Covers

    These adorable chick-shape egg cozies -- a playful take on British tea cozies -- keep soft-cooked eggs piping hot. Cut two simple chick shapes from yellow terry cloth. Layer the two pieces on top of each other (wrong sides out) and stitch the edges together, leaving the base open. Turn right side out. Finish by stitching eyes with black thread and sewing on a black felt beak.

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    Easter Memory Boxes

    Remember those shoebox dioramas you made in grade school? We've given them a grown-up, artful twist with purchased white shadowboxes. Cover the inside backs of the boxes with bright paper, then tuck in mementos from Easters past. Or choose a springtime theme and decorate the boxes using artificial bird's nests, eggs, and feathers.

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    More Easter Decorating Ideas

    Now that you know how to decorate your home with a bit of vintage flair this spring, check out some more traditional Easter decor.

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