Outdoor Easter Decorations

Springtime Floral Wreath
Don't limit your decorating skills by staying indoors–try displaying Easter decorations for outside the year! Outdoor Easter decorating will brighten up your yard, so don't forget to hang an Easter wreath on your door and to put up an Easter egg tree! Whether you're looking for front door wreaths or Easter egg garlands for your porch, we have outdoor Easter decorating ideas that are easy to make and perfect for spring.

Marbled Easter Egg Garlands

These colorful Easter egg garlands are remarkably simple to make, and they amp up your home for the holiday—even the kids can get involved! Simply cut egg shapes out of paper, decorate with paint (use a toothpick to swirl the wet paint around for a cool marbled look), and attach to a string for hanging.

Easter Egg Tree

Make a set of these stunning Easter centerpieces for indoors or out. Simply fill a tall cylindrical vase with cut branches—we used cuttings from a small flowering shrub for our Easter egg tree. Wrap colored eggs with ribbon and attach to the branches with large, loose bows. 

Purple Floral Easter Wreath

Take your Easter door decorations to the next level with this purple spring wreath! You'd never guess this sophisticated arrangement is made from silk flowers. Add in large purple blooms, succulents, and green berries for pops of color and texture.

Springtime Door Decoration

Try this door decoration in place of the classic Easter wreath. Gather a bouquet of flowers—real or silk—into an umbrella for a set of Easter door decorations full of country charm. Tie a ribbon around the umbrella to hold the bouquet in place, and add a few dyed eggshells for extra Easter fun.

Editor's Tip: If using real flowers, create a simple vase with water in a resealable plastic bag. Secure at the base of the flower stems using a rubber band.

Easter Butterfly Tree

Inside or out, this tree signals that spring is in the air. A pair of them would make pretty Easter centerpieces. Use twine to hang paper butterflies—these are made from note cards—onto branches, or try cutting butterfly shapes out of cardstock. For dimension, outline edges of the paper with acrylic crafts paint. Insert branches into floral foam in a garden container. Finish the look with silk flowers glued to some branches and moss topping the container. Make it an Easter egg tree by adding in colorful eggs. 

Flower Pail Easter Wreath

Bring a touch of vintage Easter decorating to your home! Upcycle flea market watering cans into sweet front door wreaths. Simply fill the can with in-season blooms like tulips and surround with greenery. Attach colored eggs with floral wire, and hang on your door with a large ribbon. This take on an Easter wreath can be customized with any colors you like.

Colorful Egg Easter Wreath

Our easy-to-make Easter wreath adds a pop of pretty pastel color to your front door.

To make the Easter egg decorations, use an awl to poke a small hole in each end of 12 plastic eggs. Cut 1/2x3-inch strips of patterned paper. Brush decoupage medium onto the back of a paper strip and apply to an egg, smoothing out the excess glue and air bubbles; repeat until egg is covered. After all of the eggs are covered, brush two thin coats of decoupage medium over the eggs, letting them dry in between coats. String the eggs onto a 16-gauge wire, allowing an extra inch of wire at each end. Wrap one end around the other to form a wreath shape; cover wire ends with a pretty pastel ribbon and hang.

Easter Basket Decoration

Looking for sophisticated outdoor Easter decorating ideas? A bright wicker basket filled with tulips is a welcome sign of spring that will complement any door. Choose a basket with a flat side so it will lay flat against your door, then fill with tulips (placed in lightweight cups of water), grass, and a tiny bird's nest filled with cracked eggshells. For the final touch on this version of the Easter wreath, add a band of ribbon around the bottom of the basket. Tie a pretty bow in front and on top of the handle to hang.

The dye for these Easter eggs is totally natural! Get cookbook author and stylist Libbie Summers' secret ingredient while you learn how to make a pretty gingham pattern on your eggs.

Watch: Our Natural Egg-Dyeing Technique in Action

Create stunning Easter eggs with all-natural dyes. You'll love the pretty pastel colors of these Easter egg decorations!

Rain Boots Easter Basket

Looking to recycle household items you already own? Spring-pattern rain boots serve as a neat hiding place among your Easter lawn decorations. This festive basket can make an adorable front porch decoration, too. Start with a layer of Easter grass tucked into the bottom of each boot. Add plastic eggs, candy, and other small items until you reach the top, then tuck in more faux grass for a pretty display in this clever Easter basket alternative.

Jelly Bean Monogram

Instead of a typical Easter wreath, hang a fun jelly bean monogram on your front door for spring. Paint a paper-mache letter (available at crafts supply stores) using acrylic paint in a pretty spring color, such as the purple shown here. For a single-color decoration, match the paint color to the jelly beans; if you want a multicolor decoration, mix pastel jelly beans and a single color of paint for the letter. Once the paint is dry, hot-glue the jelly beans to the front of the letter and let dry. Hot-glue a ribbon to the back of the letter to create a hanging loop, and hang on your front door. Try hanging in a large window for a cute Easter window decoration.

Editor's Tip: To protect the candy and make the decoration last year after year, spray it with a clear-coat finish and let dry before hanging.

Tulip Easter Door Decoration

This stunning interpretation of an Easter wreath celebrates the classic beauty of fresh tulips and dyed eggs. Simply fill a colored basket with a variety of Easter door decorations, including fresh flowers, greenery, and branches. Attach colored hollow eggs with glue and tie with a ribbon.

Hanging Easter Egg Decorations

A cluster of pastel Easter egg decorations works as a festive display for your front door. Wrap plastic foam egg shapes (available at crafts supply stores) with crepe paper, and secure the ends with glue or a small straight pin. Add ribbon, secured with small straight pins, and leave a long end for tying. Gather the eggs at various lengths, and tie the ribbons together. Finish with a pretty bow, then hang the decoration from a removable adhesive hook or wreath hanger.

Hanging Jar Vases

Put those empty jars and bottles to good use! Using thick wire, attach empty bottles to a fence or arbor. Fill each with water and your favorite spring flowers. This Easter lawn decor can stay up all spring—just replace the water and flowers when they get dry. A cluster of mismatched jars also work as casual Easter table decorations.

Easter Egg Garlands

These indoor/outdoor Easter egg garlands are best placed in sheltered areas like your porch or around your front door. Hollow out Easter eggs and poke small holes in each end. String them up using heavy thread, and attach using colorful ribbon.

Birdcage Wreath

Here's another vintage Easter decorating idea: Transform an old birdcage into a unique Easter wreath. Simply fill with an arrangement of tulips and hydrangeas. Add a bundle of willow branches, and attach to the door using a large colorful ribbon that can support the weight of the cage.

Egg Carton Bird Decorations

If you need Easter craft ideas, try a flock of colorful chicks! Adorn a pot of spring flowers or make Easter lawn decorations with these adorable birds made from recycled egg cartons and plastic eggs. Paint single egg-carton cups and wooden dowels with bright colors; let dry. Hot glue each dowel to the back of an egg cup, then glue a plastic egg into each. Add a matching feather to the back of each bird, and paint a corner of the egg cup gold or yellow to give your bird a beak.

Easter Bunny Porch Pillow

Update your porch swing pillows for the season with Easter bunny decorations! Repurpose an old sweater that doesn't fit, or cut out a bunny shape from felt or fleece. Then it's up to you whether you want to permanently sew it on or just temporarily attach it.

Coffee Filter Egg Decals

Transform everyday coffee filters into pretty Easter art with watercolor paints. To make, iron the coffee filters flat and lay them on a covered surface. Set out a few bowls of liquid watercolor paints. Dilute them with water until the paint becomes a thin liquid. 

Fold the coffee filters and have each kid dip the corners for a fun kaleidoscope look. 

Easter Sunrise Wreath

Choose the bold colors of a sunrise for your Easter wreath this year—think reds, oranges, and yellows. This DIY starts with a basic $5 twig wreath, which you then fill in with leaves, big blooms, sprigs of baby's breath, and golden berries. Using faux florals ensures that this decoration can be pulled out again next year.

Flowering Living Wreath

By planting flowers into a wire wreath form lined with moss, you can have a unique living arrangement that continues to thrive long after the holiday is over. We made ours with a blend of brightly colored flowers, including pansies, creeping Jenny, and nierembergia. This Easter wreath features warm tones of citrus and gold, but you can choose your own color scheme to suit your decor.

Asymmetrical Fresh Flower Wreath

This modern, minimal wreath highlights a few favorite blooms on a simple wire frame. Using floral wire to craft your own wreath form gives you flexibility over its size. This is the perfect opportunity to give spring showstoppers like peonies, hydrangeas, and roses the spotlight.

Dried Flower Wreath

Showcase the beauty of dried blooms with a handmade Easter wreath. Get the look by pinning or gluing dried flowers to a foam wreath form. Add a few feathers for texture and hang in a sheltered location. 

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