18 Farmhouse Easter Decor Ideas

carrot wreath hanging on black door
Photo: Marty Baldwin

Celebrate spring with a charming farmhouse Easter wreath. You can easily craft one of these rustic elements in an afternoon. Then dress up the holiday table with a centerpiece that brings the outdoors in. Place vintage-style Easter bunnies and charming farmhouse decorations throughout your home for a sweet and welcoming look.

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Farmhouse Tulip Wreath

finished pink tulip spring floral wreath
Brie Passano

When tulips emerge, you know spring is here to stay. Decorate your home with a wreath made with faux tulip blooms. Start with a lightweight metal frame and wrap it in ribbon. Slip in bunches of tulips and secure them with hot glue as you continue to wrap the ribbon around the frame. You'll need about 20 bunches of faux tulips to cover an 18-inch wreath frame. Secure it with a hook and hang it wherever you want an extra dose of spring.

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Flour-Sack Tea Towels

white cotton tea towel with black bunny print
Courtesy of Etsy

Enjoy the classic texture of a flour-sack tea towel in your farmhouse kitchen with the vintage charm of a hand-drawn rabbit graphic. The design is applied with a heat ink transfer method that produces a distressed look. Keep for yourself or give it as a hostess gift.

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Pink Peony Wreath

pink and white peony wreath on blue background
Jacob Fox

For a beautiful spring wreath, buy a mix of artificial peonies in white, light pink, and bright fuchsia—or for a monochromatic look, get them all in the same shade. Include a few green leaves for variety, and you'll have an Easter wreath that looks freshly picked from the garden.

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Farmhouse Cotton Wreath

cotton wreath
Matthew Clark

Give your home a little farmhouse charm with a grapevine wreath dressed in cotton bolls. Trim store-bought cotton bolls to size and place them on the homemade wreath until you're happy with the design, then hot glue them on. This asymmetrical layout feels rustic and natural. Finish it with a burlap bow.

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Flower-Pot Wreath

Flower pots on wreath made from twigs hanging on door
Marty Baldwin

Get in the mood to garden when you adorn a grapevine wreath with flower pots. Select miniature, lightweight pots, such as natural peat plant starters, and fill them with violets (real or faux; your choice). Then hot glue moss to the grapevine wreath and add the pots of flowers.

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Farmhouse Easter Bunny

fabric easter bunnies
Courtesy of Etsy / CabinAndCoast

Bring some old-fashioned style back to Easter with fabric bunnies. Textured fabric with rough edges and twine details give these hares primitive charm. For a pulled-together farmhouse-style Easter look, display the bunnies in an antique crate or pair them with other vintage finds on the mantel.

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Dried Flower Wreath

floral wreath hanging on barn door
Robert Cardillo

Welcome guests to your home or garden with the natural beauty of dried flowers. Use dried basil, or other favorite herbs, around the base. Working clockwise around the foam wreath base, add celosia, globe thistle, static, Liatris, and eryngium. Fill it in with your favorite dried blooms or grasses.

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Peter Rabbit Salad Plates

farmhouse Easter table setting with rabbit plate
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Add a little whimsy to your Easter tablescape with plates featuring illustrations by Beatrix Potter for her classic tales of Peter Rabbit. Pair the plates with wooden chargers or a flour-sack table runner for an authentic farmhouse feel.

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Farmhouse Easter Egg Tree

Easter Eggs

To make your own Easter tree centerpiece, wrap colored eggs with ribbon (you can use store-bought eggs or dye your own hard-boiled eggs). Then fill a tall cylindrical vase with cut branches. If there are any flowering trees starting to bloom, grab those. Attach the eggs to the branches with large, loose bows.

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Peek-a-Boo Bunny Wreath

natural grass wreath with Easter bunny
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Add a little bit of whimsy to your home with an Easter bunny peeking out of a natural grass wreath. He looks like he could be hiding in a field, or about to deliver an Easter treat.

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Carrot Wreath Made of Tulips

carrot wreath hanging on black door
Marty Baldwin

Entice the Easter bunny to your home with a beautiful carrot wreath made using artificial tulips. Trim several bunches of yellow and orange tulips and secure them to a paint stick with florists wire and hot glue. Add a few peachy-orange artificial peonies for variety. Place greenery at the top and finish the arrangement with a classic bow.

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White Berry Farmhouse Wreath

Door wreath made of branches and white berries
Jay Wilde

Sweet and simple are always a stylish choice. Dress up an inexpensive grapevine wreath with artificial white berry stems. Weave them throughout your wreath, securing them with florists wire or hot glue. Add a bow and hang the wreath using a removable hook.

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Vintage-Style Easter Bunny

painted gray bunny figurines
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Including one or more of these handcrafted rabbits with distressed finishes lends vintage charm to your farmhouse Easter decor. Group a few rabbits in different positions, or let one take center stage on a shelf display.

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Farmhouse Bunny Wreath

bunny-ears grapevine wreath with pink, white and yellow blooms
Jacob Fox

Dress up a grapevine wreath with artificial florals and greenery to create a farmhouse Easter bunny wreath. Select blooms that look like spring favorites from the garden. We opted for pink and white ranunculus and peonies with yellow billy balls for a pop of color. Trim the flowers and weave them into the wreath, filling in with greenery. Secure everything with hot blue.

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Floral Chandelier

hanging floral craft above table

Who says your centerpiece has to be on the table? Hang a fresh flower chandelier above your dining room table. Using a metal wreath frame, attach fresh flowers and greenery, using twine or floral string. To display the chandelier, hang it from a removable hook or a ceiling light fixture.

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Bunny Garden Sculptures

set of 5 bunny garden sculptures
Courtesy of Uncommongoods

Here's a family of bunnies you won't mind having in your garden. This mischievous-looking group is made from steel, so it's well suited for outdoor Easter decor. Stake them in the yard or in pots for farmhouse-style curb appeal.

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Vintage Watering-Can Bouquet

Spring Watering Can with Flowers

Repurposing vintage finds is a hallmark of farmhouse style. Give an old watering can new life as the centerpiece of a spring bouquet. Fill the can with greenery and seasonal faux blooms, such as tulips or hyacinth. Add a few dyed egg for a sweet farmhouse Easter touch.

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Repurposed Wooden Carrots

wood carrots
Courtesy of Etsy / DustysRusticWoods

Scraps of wood and green raffia create a rustic Easter centerpiece that can be displayed anywhere, indoors or out. Each carrot is hand-cut, sanded, and painted for a one-of-a-kind feel. A group of the carrots would make a charming centerpiece and add some whimsy to any farmhouse Easter decor.

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