40 Easy Easter Centerpieces and Table Setting Ideas

homemade dotted burlap Easter runner
Photo: Carson Downing

Our beautiful Easter table decorations and centerpieces are the perfect way to prepare for any spring meal. Even if you're just planning a small Easter meal at home, mix-and-match our creative ideas for your Easter table display or use them as inspiration to create your own look.

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Easter Egg Place Setting

nested dyed Easter egg nest place holders
Linda R. Pugliese

Create a chic Easter table setting with a dyed egg and seasonal flowers. To make your own nested egg placeholders, use a permanent marker to write your guest's name on a dyed Easter egg. Place the egg in a small nest and accent with a few bright blooms.

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Burlap Easter Table Runner

homemade dotted burlap Easter runner
Carson Downing

A homemade Easter table runner is the star of this confetti-inspired spring table. To make it, simply add multicolor painted dots to an inexpensive burlap table runner ($6, Target). This burlap Easter decoration is ready in minutes and can be customized to fit your color scheme. Create a few decorated Easter eggs, add fresh flowers, and your spring tablescape is ready.

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Natural Table Setting

round wooden table with greenery place settings
Carson Downing

This arrangement turns the table on the idea of ferns as filler foliage. Instead, the mass of fronds is the main event, with only a few tulips poking out. The fronds also lend their silhouettes to a DIY runner (made with stencils and fabric paint in a few shades of green) and stamped cards on leather napkin ties.

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Easter Bunny Centerpiece

decorative easter bunnies in serving tray
Courtesy of Alice and Lois

This DIY Easter centerpiece tray is all about the assembly! Create a stunning spring centerpiece using a few accessories and a simple white round tray ($17, Crate & Barrel). Accent purchased robin eggs with a hand-painted gold Easter bunny and chocolate candy.

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Woven Place Setting

stamped napkins weaved easter placemants
Blaine Moats

Get inspired by the woven pattern of your favorite Easter basket. Make a DIY stamp and use fabric paint or dye to craft a set of crosshatch-patterned napkins and display them on your Easter Sunday table.

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Iris-Inspired Spring Table

table setting with flowers in white vases yellow background
Carson Downing

This colorful spring table stars our favorite seasonal bloom—the delicate iris. Highlight the simple beauty of each flower by displaying them in individual vases. To get the look, clip stems in varying heights and insert them into narrow white vases. Arrange them down the center of the table and finish with dyed linen napkins.

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Ombre Easter Brunch

ombre pastel Easter table hydrangeas
Adam Albright

When the holiday is later in the spring, it can coincide with the first blooms of hydrangeas, which make a show-stopping Easter centerpiece either on their own or paired with other spring flowers. For an added pop of color, pair the flowers on a DIY ombre tablecloth for a gorgeous show of pastel hues.

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Marbleized Pots with Daffodils

marbleized blue white pots daffodils centerpiece
Adam Albright

An easy spray-paint technique transforms basic terra-cotta pots ($2, Walmart) into Easter table decorations worthy of your best crop of daffodils. The dry paint can still smell strongly for a few days, so we recommend doing this Easter craft at least a week in advance.

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Bold Easter Place Setting

place setting on striped table cloth with red napkin
David A. Land

Set a stylish Easter table with pops of the season's signature color—pink! To get the look, layer a striped tablecloth with plain white plates and colorful napkins. Finish the look with an Easter floral centerpiece of fresh tulips and fun lettuce-inspired plates.

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Fresh Flower Centerpiece

pansies wooden vases place settings blue tablecloth
Adam Albright

Skip the pricey floral arrangement and decorate with just a few cut spring blooms. This DIY spring centerpiece is all about the beauty of pansies. Simply cut and arrange a few fresh pansies in low wooden vases. Display the bouquets on a wooden board and tuck in a few decorated Easter eggs if you're feeling extra festive!

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Outdoor Easter Table

overhead view of rustic table setting with rhubarb centerpieces
Con Poulos

If the spring weather allows, head outside for an alfresco Easter dinner. This stunning table is decorated with our favorite spring produce. Get the look by filling Mason jars with colorful Swiss chard and place them in a line down the center of a burlap table runner. Finish each Easter place setting with young veggies like carrots, radishes, and beets.

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Easter Flowers

Table setting with pink chairs and floral centerpieces
Adam Albright

This dramatic, romantic Easter table starts with lush arrangements. Bright blue cut glass compotes contrast soft arrangements of ranunculus, hellebores, poppies, and Juliet garden roses. A grid of florists tape over the top of each compote holds stems in place.

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Spring Green Easter Table Setting

fern table runner white posies glass cloche
Amy Allen

Give your Easter soiree a healthy dose of spring fever with season-appropriate colors and motifs. Combine vibrant greens and clean whites with the beige-browns found in light-tone woods and leather. Fern-motif stamps make it easy to add a detailed frond to tags and napkins; a gathering of pretty posies under a glass cloche makes an easy Easter centerpiece.

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Paper Strip Nest Place Setting

Easter place setting paper-strip nest monogram egg
Wendell T. Webber

Create a homemade Easter centerpiece idea with a simple paper-strip nest. Take a myriad of colored scrapbooking papers and shred them into tiny strips (a paper shredder works best). Form the paper strips into a ball large enough to fit an egg. Place a decorated Easter egg in the center of each ball, forming the strips into a nest around the egg. Let each guest know where they're sitting with a pretty monogram sticker.

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Simple Painted-Eggs Centerpiece

teal rose gold eggs trifle dish Easter centerpiece
Kim Cornelison

This rustic Easter centerpiece comes together quickly with a trifle dish, wooden eggs, a bit of paint, and some moss. Using three paint colors, coat wooden eggs with a single coat; let dry. Add painted eggs to a glass trifle dish ($17, Target), and set dish directly on the table or a wooden serving platter. Surround the dish with bits of moss and extra eggs.

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Easter Egg Place Mat

Easter coloring page table place setting purple tablecloth
Andy Lyons

Set an Easter table everyone will love! Have the kids create place mats made from free printable Easter coloring pages! Simply print sheets of paper with oval outlines and set out crayons. Each child can decorate their own colorful eggs any way they like. Don't forget to add a platter of bunny-shape rolls.

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Ferns and Egg Display

bird's nest fern fronds glass centerpiece eggs
Dana Gallagher

This Easter table decoration couldn't be easier: Trim bird's nest fern fronds from your yard (or nab a dozen from the local florist) and display in a wide-mouth glass vase. Beside it, set a bowl of pastel dyed eggs. Simple and stunning.

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Ornate Easter Table Centerpiece

gold vase orange flowers Easter eggs
Kim Cornelison

A shiny gold vase is the perfect home for bright yellow and orange flowers on your Easter table. Set the vase atop a light blue tablecloth for a pretty color combo, and tuck in a sprig of green herbs for a fresh look. Gold-painted eggs (use hard-boiled or wooden) add to the dressed-up Easter theme.

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Kid-Friendly Easter Table

kid-friendly pastel Easter table food decorations
Andy Lyons

Not all Easter decor is pastel! Create a few bold and bright Easter decorations and you're ready to party. Filled with kid-friendly crafts and yummy food, guests of all ages will love gathering around this festive brunch table.

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Cheery Easter Place Setting

Easter place setting gold egg red floral accents
Kim Cornelison

Keep your Easter place settings simple and cheery with this pretty idea. Set a flowery plate atop a solid-color place mat. (We used coral to match the flowers in our plate, but you can get creative based on what you have.) Include a tinted glass and loosely tie a ribbon around a cloth napkin. For the finishing touch, add a gold-painted wooden Easter egg.

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Easter Tulip Centerpiece

tulips in glass vase on striped table
David A. Land

Transform a plain glass hurricane vase into a chic spring centerpiece with a bouquet of fresh tulips. Simply trim the ends of the fresh flowers and place them inside the vase. This easy Easter centerpiece idea can be made in under 5 minutes!

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Carrot Bouquet

bouquet centerpiece carrot vase rose
David A. Land

This centerpiece plays up carrots' sunny colors. You need carrots with their frilly greens still attached and a clear vase

to show off the roots. Pair with yellow and orange ranunculus and tulips, or other spring flowers in similar tones from the

grocery store. Wash carrots thoroughly (but don't peel) before arranging to keep the water clean.

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Spring Flowers Candle Centerpiece

DIY centerpiece glass jar candles flower sand
Quentin Bacon

Celebrate the natural beauty of spring with a homemade Easter centerpiece idea that stars the season's prettiest flowers. Fill a glass canister partway with sand, then insert flower stems and candles. For longer-lasting blooms, use floral picks or moisten the sand.

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Tiered Easter Egg Centerpiece

two-tier Easter display eggs nests greenery
Gemma Comas

A two-tier dish with Easter egg-filled nests creates a pretty (and easy to make) centerpiece for your table. Complement the bold colors of the centerpiece with single-color name cards and napkins with an Easter egg pattern.

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Floral Centerpiece with Branches

easter table with centerpiece and dessert
Peter Krumhardt

A few stems of your favorite flower arranged with oversize branches makes for a conversation-starter at any Easter party. Hang decorated eggs from the branches to create a pretty DIY Easter egg tree centerpiece.

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Vintage Easter Table Setting

Place setting with flowers and blue plate
Adam Albright

This vintage Easter place setting incorporates everything spring. A mix of vintage floral salad plates sits on top of dinner plates with a larger, simpler pattern. (They don't have to match, just go for similar colors.) A cloth napkin tied in a loose knot is an easy flourish.

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Pastel Flower Bouquet with Eggs

pink green flower Easter egg centerpiece
Marty Baldwin

Bring Easter to your table with this dazzling flower-and-egg centerpiece. Place a clear drinking glass or thin vase in the center of a large-mouth jar or canister and stack Easter eggs (you can dye a dozen at a time in your Instant Pot ($100, Target) in just six minutes!) between the glass and the jar. Fill the glass with water and arrange flowers (we used roses, gerbera daisies, tulips, hyacinth, and bells of Ireland).

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Red-and-Blue Easter Table Setting

red blue Easter place setting egg tulip
King Au

This red-and-blue color combo works well for an Easter table when a red-dyed egg and tulip are placed at each table setting. A solid blue plate between two patterned red plates makes the setting pop. If you like, switch out the place card with a monogrammed hard-boiled egg to make the table even more festive.

Editor's Tip: To dye your Easter eggs a bright shade of red, use a few ingredients to make your own natural dye. Roughly chop a few beets (about 3/4 pound) and combine them with a quart of water, a tablespoon of vinegar, and a tablespoon of salt in a saucepan. Bring the ingredients to a boil; cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Strain and reserve the liquid for your dye.

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Easter Grass and Eggs Centerpiece

Easter grass dyed eggs footed bowl
Helen Norman

Create a beautiful Easter table centerpiece in minutes with a footed bowl filled with Easter grass, dyed eggs, and egg-shape candy. The centerpiece will give your dining table a soft spring look.

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Mini Bouquet Napkin Rings

pastel napkins floral corsage collars
Quentin Bacon

Elegantly wrapped napkins dress up the presentation of your Easter dinner table. To make the corsage collars, gather little posies of flowers and herbs and wrap stems with ribbon to secure. Cut a strip of paper about 7 inches long, notch the ends, and cut two slits about an inch from each end. Slip the posy stem through the slits to hold in place.

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Flower Centerpiece with Asparagus

asparagus pink roses centerpiece place settings
Matthew Mead

Create a fresh spring bouquet by bundling asparagus stalks around a vase holding pink roses. Place the bouquet in a white dish to form an easy centerpiece. Add to the table decor with a bundle of four asparagus stalks at each place setting to hold a name card.

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Green and Pink Spring Table Setting

floral Easter wheatgrass centerpiece paper leaves
Jay Wilde

Sprinkle cheery pastels across your Easter table with a festive garden-inspired centerpiece. Hot-glue leaves made from scrapbooking paper to floral wire; attach wire to the stems of tulips and ranunculus. Nestle the blooms in a planter of wheatgrass to finish the centerpiece. Use floral wire and more paper leaves to make a matching DIY napkin ring. Pair with a light pink tablecloth that matches the color scheme. To finish, set out a bowl of candy Easter eggs in corresponding colors.

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Easter Egg Table Garland

blue green dyed Easter egg garland table
Helen Norman

Skip the expected Easter table runner and create this pretty blue-and-green Easter egg garland instead! To blow out an egg, use a pushpin to make a hole in each end. Gently push a wooden skewer through one end to enlarge the hole and break the yolk. Blow into the smaller hole to push out all the yolk and white. Use a beading needle threaded with a narrow ribbon to connect the eggs to display on your dining table for Easter.

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Daisy Tablecloth and Table Setting

leafy Easter bouquets coral tablecloth daisy border
Helen Norman

There are two things that make this Easter table setting a true standout display: the creative floral arrangements and the tablecloth border.

To Make the Leafy Bouquets:

Add a few yellow roses in the center of beds of fresh lettuce for a budget-friendly spin on traditional Easter floral arrangements. The bright yellow roses are a showstopper against the vivid green.

To Make the Daisy Border:

Cloth in a springtime hue makes a gorgeous backdrop for the table arrangement. Create a dimensional border by hot-gluing scrapbooking daisies along the outer edges.

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Stylish Easter Place Setting

feminine pink gingham blue Easter place setting
Scott Little

In place of traditional bunnies, try a stylish bird theme for your Easter table. Light blue plates complement pink gingham placemats; break up the color palette with lace napkins. A nest of dried moss inside a birdcage becomes an easy centerpiece—accent it with pink blossoms (in florist's water picks) and pink gingham ribbon to match the place setting.

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Splattered Easter Egg Place Card Holders

blue painted wooden egg Easter place card holder
Blaine Moats

A flat-bottom wooden egg makes the perfect place card holder for Easter dinner. If the egg doesn't stand upright, sand the bottom flat until it does. Use a fine saw to cut a slit in the top of the egg. Paint the egg using light blue acrylic paint; let dry. Dip an old toothbrush into white acrylic paint, run your thumb across it to splatter-paint the egg; let dry. Spray the painted egg with a clear top coat.

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Easy Spring-Theme Place Setting

green plates napkin dyed egg twig bird
Jay Wilde

Evoke the first signs of spring on your Easter table with this place setting. We chose a set of pretty green paper plates for the base and topped with a dyed egg and plain cloth napkin. The star of the show is the napkin ring featuring a small twig wreath wrapped with blue ribbon and adorned with a fresh-cut flower and a faux bird.

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Pretty Spring Table Setting

pink blue butterfly Easter springtime place setting
Jay Wilde

This pastel pink-and-blue butterfly centerpiece is a pretty Easter table setting. To achieve this look, accent vases and place settings with paper butterflies (find similar ones at crafts supply stores) or other symbols that represent spring, such as birds or eggs. Fill small dishes with pink jelly beans and arrange pink napkins on blue plates. Pink hydrangea in a square vase makes for a great last-minute centerpiece.

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White-and-Yellow Floral Centerpieces

take-out boxes tulips white flowers table decor
Helen Norman

Decorative take-out boxes (available at crafts supply stores) serve as the bases of these floral spring decorations. Yellow tulips and a mass of white flowers come together in the easy-yet-elegant Easter display.

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Easter Daffodil Place Setting

Easter daffodil place setting napkin glass
Helen Norman

To make this pretty place setting, fold a napkin into quarters and pinch the center to form a point. Put the pointed end into a glass and set a daffodil stem in a florist's tube inside the napkin. Pull the napkin's corners down to look like leaves.

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