Easter Memories

Evoke your favorite Easter memories by decorating with nostalgic creations.

Nestled In

Decorative glass platters with branches and butterfly

Turn a lush bloom into a decorative nest for pretty painted quail eggs. Choose an open round flower, such as the peonies shown here or a rose. Cut its stem short and set into water in a footed ice cream dish, cocktail glass, or similarly shaped container. Tuck a few little eggs in the middle, and display as a centerpiece or on a mantel.

Hoppy Table Settings

Easter Chocolate bunny

Make everyone at your Easter brunch feel like a gleeful kid. Set each place with a chocolate bunny and a purchased place card dressed up with delicate floral stickers.

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Holding Pattern

decorated Easter eggs on glass cake stand

Copyright-free holiday illustrations are the starting point for these old-fashioned egg holders. Books and CD-ROMs of these illustrations are available at bookstores and online. Color-copy the images or print them from your computer; cut out and glue each one to a strip of colored paper. Wrap the strip into a circle large enough to hold an egg upright and secure ends.

More Easter egg decorating ideas

Spring Wreath

Wreath with small flowers

Head to your garden to find the main ingredient for this wreath. Hot-glue velvety leaves of lamb's ear to a plastic-foam wreath form. Be sure to cover the sides as well as the top -- hiding the entire foam ring. Glue on silk flowers for colorful accents.

Tea Time

vintage cups and saucers filled with lily of the valley

Vintage teacups and their saucers are ideal containers for tiny flower arrangements that will brighten up a kitchen counter, bedside table, or powder room. Fill the cups with well-soaked floral foam or use a small metal florist's frog, if necessary, to hold the flowers in place. Look in your yard or at the flower shop for small blooms, such as grape hyacinth or lily-of-the-valley, that match the scale of the cups.

Hanging Around

Easter Hanging basket

Hang these paper ornaments on found branches to create your own Easter tree. Or hook them over doorknobs and bedposts. Color-copy or print copyright-free images and cut them out. Glue or tape a loop of coordinating ribbon to the back for hanging.

Garden Party

Easter card with ribbon

If you can hand-deliver your Easter greeting, make it a blooming card. Cut a piece of card stock to twice the desired size and fold to create a card. Glue a piece of scallop-edge vellum to the front of the card and layer a decorative envelope on top. Just above the envelope, cut a hole big enough for a small florist's tube. Insert a few flowers into the tube and push it through the hole in the card.

Flight of Fancy

vintage porcelain basket with butterflies

Glittering paper butterflies add a magical touch to an Easter basket. Color-copy or print butterfly images from copyright-free illustration books or CD-ROMs. Print two copies of each design and glue them back-to-back so they're two-sided. Gently bend up the butterfly wings, lightly spray with adhesive, and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry and glue several to an Easter basket.

View Finders

Easter_Stacked decorative scenes and bunny

Inspired by delicate sugar eggs that house intricate candy scenes, these boxed displays are easy to fashion with materials from craft stores. Start with small cardboard boxes and cover the inside with colored paper. Line the bottom of the box with moss. Create miniature scenes with tiny baskets and toy chicks or with images cut from vintage Easter postcards. Give your display a three-dimensional effect by attaching cut-out images to a small branch (center) or by scattering additional elements, such as a piece of eggshell and individual paper blossoms, around the image (bottom).


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