Kids will love making (and opening) this easy Easter craft.

By Emily VanSchmus
Updated March 13, 2020
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With just four materials needed for this project, these felt Easter eggs might be our easiest kids Easter craft ever. Craft the eggs from felt and parchment paper held together by colorful staples around the edges. Just add a surprise treat (we're partial to miniature chocolate eggs) and these adorable felt Easter eggs will be ready to give away. Use them as Easter basket fillers or use them to decorate the place settings at the Easter brunch table.

With adult supervision of the stapler, this is the perfect Easter craft for kids—they'll love deciding what treats to put in the eggs, and they'll love opening them, too.

Editor's Tip: Our editors found that staples were the best method for this craft, as it holds the felt eggs together well and it makes ripping the eggs open much easier. If you're not comfortable using staples, you can try other methods of securing the eggs, such as with glue or tape. An adult could also stitch the eggs shut with embroidery floss and a needle.

pastel felt eggs

How to Make Felt Easter Eggs

Supplies Needed

  • Wool felt
  • Parchment paper
  • Colored staples
  • Candy, stickers, and/or small accessories
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Step-by-Step Directions

Follow these easy instructions to make your own felt Easter eggs. You should be able to make a dozen in about 30 minutes.

Step 1: Cut Egg Shapes

Use our free template to cut a set of egg-shape ovals from wool felt, such as Wool Felt Rolls, $5.85, Etsy. We used the pattern to cut several different colors of felt; opt for pastel felt to get the same look, or go with colors that match your existing Easter baskets. You will need only one felt shape per egg, so cut as many felt ovals as the number of eggs you wish to make.

Step 2: Cut Parchment Paper and Attach

Use the same template to cut pieces of parchment paper (such as Non-Stick Parchment Paper, $2.50, Walmart) that are the same size as your felt ovals. To make the eggs, place a felt egg on a parchment paper egg. With the felt on top, staple around the perimeter of the egg, spacing closely and leaving an opening at the top; be sure the opening is large enough for the objects you'll fill the eggs with.

Step 3: Fill Eggs

Use the openings to add a surprise to the inside of each egg. We filled our eggs with an assortment of small candies, stickers, and homemade confetti; add enough to fill the egg but not so much that you can't close the opening. When the eggs are filled, staple closed to seal the treats inside the eggs. Add the eggs to your DIY Easter baskets, incorporate them as part of your Easter decor, or use them to decorate your Easter dinner table.


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