15 Gorgeous Easter Craft Ideas for Adults That You'll Love Making

pussy willow branches painted egg ornaments
Photo: Blaine Moats

Make your own Easter crafts and decor for this year's holiday celebration. These fun Easter crafts for adults will add a pretty elegance to your spring occasion.

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Spring Tulips

finished pink tulip spring floral wreath
Brie Passano

This DIY pink tulip wreath will seriously wow your Easter brunch guests. And since it's made from faux flowers, you can use it every year. Look for bunches of faux tulips at a crafts store (or make the wreath with another spring flower!) and layer them over a wire wreath form ($4, Walmart) to create this stunning Easter wreath.

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Cracked Easter Eggs

pussy willow branches painted egg ornaments
Blaine Moats

This display proves that Easter craft ideas for adults don't have to be boring. Decorate papier-mâché Easter eggs with acrylic paint (look for hollow, cracked paper mache eggs at a crafts store) and fill them with shiny grass and small treats. Then, hang them from a vase of pussy willow branches and accessorize them with fresh flowers or painted eggs for a gorgeous DIY Easter tree display.

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Pearlized Easter Eggs

pastel pearlized easter eggs in basket
Brie Passano

Who says adults can't decorate Easter eggs, too? Make your own sophisticated Easter display by decorating ceramic Easter eggs ($16, Oriental Trading) with a pearl finish acrylic paint. We'll show you how to decorate two-tone pearlized eggs in just one easy step!

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Easter Egg Wreath

papier mache egg wreath on door
Brie Passano

Turn leftover plastic Easter eggs into a gorgeous Easter wreath for your front door. It's easy enough for all skill levels and is inexpensive to create. Use bright paper napkins to decoupage plastic Easter eggs, then use hot glue to attach them to a wreath form.

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Floral Easter Tree

easter eggs hanging from branches
Linda R. Pugliese

We're calling it: Easter trees are this season's trendiest decor project and a fun Easter craft idea for adults. Make your own by purchasing a few faux floral branches and a set of lightweight Easter eggs. Look for colorful hollow eggs or paint your own papier-mâché eggs to hang on the branches. This easy Easter craft for adults comes together in just minutes.

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Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

ceramic gold leaf easter eggs
Jacob Fox

This easy Easter craft makes a gorgeous addition to your existing Easter decor—and is so easy to make! We used a few coats of colorful acrylic paint to transform a set of ceramic eggs into a bright statement piece, then applied gold leaf material. Since the ceramic eggs are fairly sturdy, these decorated Easter eggs will last for several years.

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Easter Egg Garland

stair railings decorative balloon chain
Helen Norman

Create a cheerful garland by stringing together dyed blown-out eggs. Use a beading needle and stretchable jewelry cord ($4, Joann) to string dyed blown-out eggs into a fun Easter craft for adults. Attach the garland to a banister or mantel using additional cord, then tie on lush satin bows. No staircase? Use the garland as a swag over windows or a hallway mirror!

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Gilded Easter Decor

gold leaf easter eggs with crystals inside
Blaine Moats

Make a set of gilded eggs to add a bit of sophistication to your spring decor. No one will guess this tabletop decoration is made from plastic Easter eggs! This Easter craft is an easy way to repurpose old or leftover eggs.

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Easter Tray Centerpiece

decorative easter bunnies in serving tray
Courtesy of Alice and Lois

Create a totally Instagram-worthy Easter display that perfectly accents your Easter brunch table. Dress up a plain tray with faux grass or paper raffia, then set the scene with a few bunny statues—totally okay to use wrapped chocolate bunnies here! Add votive candles, decorated Easter eggs, and anything else that fits the springtime theme. Just don't forget the chocolate eggs!

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Silk Tie Dyed Eggs

patterned eggs on striped plate
Jacob Fox

This Easter egg decorating hack is a bit more involved than plain paint or dye, but the results are so worth it! Follow our easy instructions to learn how to transfer the pattern of old or thrifted silk ties directly onto an eggshell to create seriously gorgeous silk tie-dyed eggs.

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Pink Peony Wreath

pink and white peony wreath on blue background
Jacob Fox

Welcome spring with a pretty Easter wreath. This faux pink peony wreath is made with bunches of flowers, ribbon, and a wire wreath form. This quick Easter craft for adults makes a gorgeous gift.

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Marbled Easter Eggs

nail polish swirl colored eggs
Jacob Fox

Head to the beauty department to gather supplies for this Easter craft idea for adults. Marbleize Easter eggs with nail polish to create colorful swirled designs. Display the finished eggs in a basket or as part of your spring centerpiece.

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Jeweled Easter Egg Tree

colored eggs easter tree home decor
Jacob Fox

Create this glittery Easter egg tree to display indoors or out. Create jeweled Easter eggs and hang them from painted twigs. Fill a vase with crafts foam, stick twigs into the foam, and top with pebbles.

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Egg Planter

decorative egg carton planter
Peter Krumhardt

Delicate eggshells make precious pots for tiny plants such as hens-and-chicks, as shown here. Simply crack and empty an egg, add soil, and plant your garden.

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Glitter Eggs

seven painted pink Easter eggs covered with gold accents
Carson Downing

This year, create a stunning assortment of sparkly glitter eggs. To make, paint ceramic or craft eggs with paint. Then, cover with decoupage medium and shake on glitter. Use a variety of glitter colors and textures to get the look.

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