Make your own garland of adorable fuzzy bunny faces! Grab some pom-poms and patterned paper, and start gluing! Plus, get more of our best Easter craft ideas.

By BH&G Holiday Editors
Easter decorations

Create your own adorable paper Easter garland with a few simple materials. Start by attaching pom-pom bunny faces to patterned paper circles, then add a set of felt ears. Finish each bunny by adding an adorable white pom-pom tail, then string into a fun Easter garland.

What You'll Need:

  • Manila folders or heavy cardstock
  • Assorted scrapbook paper
  • Glue stick
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • White pom-poms: 1-1/2" (30), 3/4" (30), and 1/2" (60)
  • 30 pink 7 mm pom-poms
  • Sewing pins with black heads
  • Wire clippers
  • White felt with adhesive backing
  • Pink felt with adhesive backing
  • White twine
  • Double-sided tape
bunny garland

Step 1: Prepare materials

Cut thirty 3-1/2"-diameter cicles out of manila folders or heavyweight cardstock, and cut the same size and amount from patterned scrapbook paper. Use a glue stick to attach one scrapbook paper circle to one side of each manila circle.

Step 2: Make bunny face

Glue one 1-1/2" white pom-pom at the bottom edge of a decorated circle, and glue two 1/2" white pom-poms on top of the large pom-pom to form cheeks. Add a pink pom-pom above the cheeks to form a nose. Add two eyes by clipping two sewing pins in half; add a dot of hot glue above each cheek and insert the shortened pins into the large pom-pom.

Step 3: Make bunny ears

To make the ears, start with a piece of white felt with adhesive backing. Cut the sheet in half, remove the adhesive from both halves, and stick two sides together. Draw sets of outer bunny ears on the double felt pieces and then draw sets of inner ears on pink felt. We drew outer ears that measure 2-1/2" in length and inner ears that measure about 2"; you'll need two of each size for each bunny. When all the ears are cut out, remove the adhesive backing on the pink inner ears and stick them to the larger white ears. Use hot glue to attach two sets of finished ears under each bunny face.

Step 4: Make bunny tails

To give each bunny an adorable fluffy tail, start with a set of 3/4" white pom-poms. Hot-glue one pom to the bottom of a decorated circle, and repeat for each bunny on the garland; we made a total of 15 bunnies for our garland.

Step 5: Assemble garland

To build the garland, place the circles tail-side down. Apply a piece of double-sided tape across the circle, about 1" from the top. Lay a long peice of twine across the tape, and apply hot glue over the top to secure the placement. While the glue is still hot, place a bunny face circle on top; be sure to align the circles perfectly before the glue dries. When the circles are lined up, press them together until the glue is secure. Repeat this process at 6" intervals across one continuous piece of twine until all bunnies are attached. Hang this over a buffet table at Easter brunch, or add it to the front of a mantel for an adorable Easter display.


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