How to Make Yarn Pom-Poms

Use a small ball of spare yarn to make your own fluffy pom-poms for any decorating occasion. See our step-by-step instructions below to get started!

To make your own pom-poms from yarn, you'll need:

  • A few yards of yarn (we used bulky weight yarn)
  • A large serving fork with four tines
  • Scissors

1. Start by holding one end of the yarn toward you. Wrap the ball around the first two tines, then around the second two tines, as if you're making a figure 8. You'll come back through the middle of the fork each time you wrap the yarn.

2. Continue wrapping your yarn around the fork until the fork is full (or you have approximately 5 inches of yarn left).

3. Slip the yarn up the center of the fork, and thread your remaining yarn through the middle gap in the fork. Continue to wrap around the middle of the yarn ball, cinching the center together, until you have 2 inches of yarn left. Tie both yarn ends together tightly, and slip the yarn ball off the fork.

4. Once your yarn ball is off the fork, check again to make sure that both yarn ends are tied tightly -- this is what holds your pom-pom together!

5. Use scissors to snip the loops at both ends of your yarn ball. Fluff the ends, shaping your pom-pom, and trim as needed.


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