The Secret to These Easy Marble Easter Eggs Is Hiding in Your Pantry

Try this cheap Easter egg decorating hack that uses ingredients you already have in your kitchen like food coloring, vinegar, and vegetable oil.

For your next batch of dyed Easter eggs, head to the pantry! It's easy to make pretty marbleized Easter eggs with vegetable oil, white vinegar, food dye, and water. That's seriously all it takes! Instead of investing in an elaborate kit to create a marbled look, let the natural separation of oil and water create dreamy designs for you. This easy Easter egg dyeing hack is inexpensive and the results are gorgeous. We have so many different ways to decorate Easter eggs, but this marble Easter egg technique is one of the easiest! Display the finished colored eggs in your basket or use them as part of your annual egg hunt.

decorated easter eggs sitting in bowl
Brie Passano

How to Make Marbled Easter Eggs with Oil

Supplies Needed

  • Glass bowls
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoons
  • Hot water
  • White vinegar
  • Food coloring
  • Spoon
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Paper towels
  • Warm water
  • Vegetable oil

Step-by-Step Directions

We'll show you how to color Easter eggs step-by-step using just a few inexpensive pantry staples. You should be able to make one dozen easy marbled Easter eggs in less than an hour.

adding drops of food coloring to small bowl
Brie Passano

Step 1: Create First Dye Color

In a glass bowl mix one cup of hot water, one teaspoon of white vinegar, and 5-10 drops of food coloring. The dye in this bowl will be the base color of your egg, so we recommend using a lighter shade of dye. Use a spoon to place a hard-boiled egg into each bowl, making sure the egg is completely submerged in the liquid. Let the egg sit in the dye for just one minute—this ensures you'll have a shade light enough to show the marbleized pattern. Remove and place the colored egg on a paper towel to dry. The dyed Easter eggs will need to be completely dry before you dip them again.

adding corn syrup to dyed water solution
Brie Passano

Step 2: Prepare Oil Mixture

While the dyed eggs dry, prepare the oil mixture that will give your eggs a marbled look. Since the oil mixture adds a second color to the dyed egg, it will need to be quite a bit more saturated. In a new bowl mix approximately 20 drops of food coloring with one cup of warm water. Add one tablespoon of vegetable oil and use a spoon to gently mix.

pushing egg through corn syrup solution
Brie Passano

Step 3: Create Marbled Easter Eggs

When the eggs are dry, use a spoon to add one colored egg to the vegetable oil mix. Gently roll the egg around in the dye bath and remove it when you notice a marbleized Easter egg effect. Keep in mind that if you leave the egg in the mixture too long, it will turn a solid color.

pastel swirled egg and paper towel
Brie Passano

Step 4: Dry and Display

After removing the egg, lightly blot excess water and oil from the egg using a paper towel and let dry completely before displaying. For a touch of shine, rub the marble-looking Easter eggs with oil. Try varying the color combinations and oil swirls to create a pretty display of dyed Easter eggs.

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