Turn bunches of faux tulips into a gorgeous statement piece with just a few craft store supplies. This bright spring wreath is so easy to make, and it can be reused year after year!
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This gorgeous tulip wreath DIY looks intricate but doesn't require any expert skills. Pick up an assortment of colorful faux tulips, ribbon, a plain wire wreath form, florists wire, and hot glue—and that's it! We used pink tulips but you can customize your handmade wreath with any color or artificial flower you like.

If you thought the materials list was simple, check out our easy step-by-step instructions to make your own DIY spring wreath in just minutes. Display your finished DIY tulip bouquet wreath all spring long—this front door decoration is a cheery way to welcome guests.

finished pink tulip spring floral wreath
Credit: Brie Passano

How to Make a Tulip Wreath

Supplies Needed

  • 18-inch wire wreath form
  • 8 yards of 2-inch ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Hot glue
  • 20 bunches of mini tulips
  • Florists wire
  • Wire clippers

Step-by-Step Directions

Follow these easy instructions to make your own artificial flower wreath. You should be able to complete this faux tulip wreath project in under an hour.

wrapping ribbon around wire wreath

Step 1: Wrap Wire Frame

Since faux flowers can become heavy when they're layered, start this project with a wreath form that's lightweight but supportive. We used an 18-inch wire wreath form ($3, Walmart) that measures about 3 inches wide all the way around. You'll want to make sure the wreath's surface is wide enough to support bunches of tulips—so a thinner wreath form like a wood embroidery hoop won't work for this project. To get started, wrap a 7-inch section of the wreath form with a 2- or 1½-inch-wide ribbon ($3, Amazon). We used pink, but you can use any color that coordinates with the color of tulips you're using. Secure the ribbon with a hot glue gun ($9, Amazon) as you wrap, but don't trim the end—you'll be continuously wrapping the wreath form and artificial flowers as you go.

trimming stems of pink tulips

Step 2: Prepare Tulip Bunches

To cover an 18-inch wreath, you'll need about 20 bunches of mini tulips ($19, Amazon). We purchased our faux tulips, which came in pre-bundled bunches, at a crafts store. If you can't find bunches (or if it's cheaper to buy stems individually), you can make your own tulip bunches by gathering several stems and using florists wire ($5, Amazon) to secure them together. Before you begin, lay the bunches over the top of your wreath form to make sure you have enough faux tulips to completely cover the wreath.

placing bunch of tulips and wrapping ribbon

Step 3: Layer and Secure Tulips

When you have enough tulip bunches, lay the first bunch down on top of the area you've already wrapped with ribbon. Then, take the remaining ribbon and wrap it around the stems of the bunch and secure it with hot glue. After the first bunch of tulips is glued and wrapped, lay the second bunch of tulips over the first bunch covering the exposed ribbon. Wrap the stems with ribbon and secure with glue. Continue to layer, wrap, and glue the flowers all the way around the wreath.

finish wrapping tulips around wreath

Step 4: Finish Adding Tulips

When you've reached the second to last bunch of tulips, finish wrapping the ribbon around the rest of the wreath form until it meets the starting point. Cut the ribbon and secure ends with glue. Almost all of the wreath will be covered in tulips now, with a small portion of the wrapped wreath form showing. Trim the last bunch of tulips so the stems are short, then tuck them under the first bunch to cover the remaining ribbon. Secure with hot glue. The wreath should be completely covered in tulips at this point.

attaching hook to back of tulip wreath

Step 5: Add Wreath Hanger

When your entire artificial tulip wreath form is covered, gently lift the wreath and hold it vertically to make sure the bunches stay in place. Secure with hot glue as needed. Make a small slit in the ribbon on the back of the wreath form. Then, insert a piece of florists wire into the cut ribbon on the back. Twist it around the exposed wire wreath form until you have a loop—this will make it easy to hang the large tulip wreath anywhere in your house or on the front door. To store your pink tulip door wreath, cover it with a plastic bag and hang it in the back of your closet until next year.

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
February 26, 2020
Hi! I absolutely love this wreath but cannot seem to find the bunches of mini tulips. Where did you purchase them? Thanks in adavance!