This eye-catching yellow wreath reminds us of warm sunny days.
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Reminiscent of summer lemonade stands, this cheerful lemon wreath will add a bit of sunshine to your front door. The easy handmade wreath is bright enough to help you welcome spring but neutral enough to easily transition to summer. Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to make yourself! If you have a free hour, you can make this and have it hung on the front door with time to spare for more springtime activities

To make your own lemon door wreath, start with a simple grapevine wreath, add faux lemon branches and greenery using hot glue and florists wire, and enjoy this DIY front door display all season long. 

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  • Working time 45 mins
  • Start to finish 45 mins
  • Difficulty Easy

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

trimming ends of artificial citrus branches with scissors
Step 1

Trim Lemon Branches

Before you begin building the large lemon wreath, pick up a few artificial lemon branches ($18, Walmart) and a few small faux white flowers. If your lemon branches don't come with a lot of leaves, you may also want to grab some faux leafy greenery as well. When you're ready to get started, trim the lemon branches and flowers so the stems are only a few inches long. 

weaving artificial lemon branch into grapevine wreath
Credit: Jacob Fox
woman placing lemon branches onto grapevine wreath
Credit: Jacob Fox
Step 2

Add Branches to Wreath

Once you've trimmed the stems, tuck each lemon branch into the grapevine wreath, securing the stems with hot glue as you go. Keep in mind that if your wreath is facing the sun, the glue may melt. In that case, you'll want to secure with florists wire as well. Continue working around the wreath, evenly spacing the lemon branches. Add artificial flowers and faux greenery to any open spaces, leaving a gap at the bottom for a bow. 

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attaching buffalo check bow onto citrus wreath with garden wire
Credit: Jacob Fox
creating wreath bow from black and white buffalo check ribbon
Credit: Jacob Fox
wreath with artificial lemon branches and buffalo-check bow
Credit: Jacob Fox
Step 3

Create Bow

Cut a wide ribbon to length and tie the ribbon into a classic bow. Secure the finished bow to the bottom of the wreath using florists wire, then hang up your lemon door wreath to display.


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