Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

Stock your family's baskets with a collection of eco-friendly and garden-inspired goodies.

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    Giving Green for Easter

    Celebrate Easter by filling your loved ones' baskets with eco-friendly treats, gifts, and accessories. The following slides feature all the individual products shown here.

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    Wool iPod Pocket

    Cover up your music player with Wool Snappy iPod Pocket, made from recycled felted wool.


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    Garden Start-Up

    Inspire young gardeners with their own seeds to plant.

    $2.79 each,

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    Recycled Gardening Shoes

    Buy SoulsUnited Crocs (made with recycled material) and the company will donate a pair of shoes to someone in need.

    $30 (add-ons extra),

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    Lavender Luxuries

    Relax with a lavender-filled organic cotton eye pillow and an all-natural lavender effervescent bath ball.

    $20 and $7,

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    Plant a Pet

    The Nyokki Egg Pet Plant grows rye grass "hair" in less than two weeks.


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    Conscientious Chocolate

    Organic and Fair Trade-certified 3400 Phinney chocolate bars come in flavors from hazelnut to chai.

    $3.25 each,

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