Easter Crafts for Kids

Break out the arts supplies and try our fun Easter crafts the kids can enjoy (with adult supervision, of course!). We've complied our favorite adorable and Easter-perfect crafts for kids, including bunny ears, garlands, baskets, and more!

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    Bunny Ear Craft

    Your kids will love putting together this fun Easter craft: bunny ears! To make, help your kids cut ears from stiff white felt. Adhere pink felt inner ears using glue. Run a line of hot glue (adults only) along the ears' bottom edges and stick them onto a headband.

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    Easter Garland

    Our fun Easter garland is also an engaging hands-on project for the whole family! For extra Easter fun, tuck little treats inside the eggs before hanging, then invite kids to choose a critter to open for a sweet surprise.

    Make the garland: Use black and pink dimensional paint to draw facial features on one half of a plastic egg; let dry. Cut bunny ears, bird wings, and beaks from felt; glue pieces to eggs. Add white pom-poms for bunny tails. Insert a length of wire through the holes in the bottom of the plastic eggs, bending the ends into small loops to create feet. For the garland, cut a piece of string or yarn to the desired length. Using a needle, thread on pom-poms, buttons, and birds or bunnies.

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    String-Dyed Easter Eggs

    A $1 spool of string is all you need to deck out your dyed eggs in style. Here's how to get the striped look in three dunks or less.

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    Egg-Bunny Craft

    Older kids will love putting together these hippity-hoppity Easter bunnies! Apply strips of double-stick tape to plastic eggs. Starting at the top, wrap the egg in white yarn until fully covered. Tuck end in. Cut felt shapes to make the ears, feet, and eyes (use black marker for the dots on the eyes); glue to egg. Cut pieces of fishing line and glue to egg for whiskers. Glue a small pink pom-pom for a nose and a medium white pom-pom for the tail.

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    Easter Egg Balloons

    Give your kids a fun surprise on Easter morning by filling a closet or wardrobe with specially decorated balloons the night before. Choose pastel latex balloons and inflate. Apply brightly colored paints in stripe and polka-dot patterns and let dry.

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    Clothespin Butterflies

    Brightly colored butterflies add cheer to any Easter celebration. Start by folding two baking cups in half twice, to make wings. Decorate a clothespin to go with the baking cup pattern, and glue googly eyes to the closed end of the clothespin. Once the glue dries, you can add these lively butterflies to centerpieces, hang from your child's curtains, or use to keep snack bags tightly closed.

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    Felted Flower Headband


    You can forget the Easter bonnet when it's so easy to adorn a headband with felted wool flowers and a button. Watch her eyes light up when she tells her friends that she made it herself. Young children should not use hot-glue guns, but they will be excited to pick out rhinestones and other accessories to personalize their headbands. Just trim felt, layer, and glue!


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    Make Your Own Easter Basket

    Everyone in the family can have perfectly personalized Easter baskets when they make them from a single sheet of double-sided scrapbook paper. Fold the paper in thirds. If you want an Easter basket with a bigger base and shorter sides, fold the ends so that they meet in the middle. Unfold and cut small slits along the folds. Gather the sides of the basket together and secure with glue. Repeat on the other side. Attach a narrow strip of paper to each side with a brad to form the handle. Then stand back and let your family's creativity shine through. Give them family ribbon, glitter, or stickers to further personalize their Easter Baskets.

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    Graphic Pattern Easter Eggs

    Ease is the name of the game with these adorable Easter eggs. Use colored dot stickers and washi tape to make graphic patterns. So simple, even the little ones can master it!

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    Woven Easter Treat Bag


    Kids will love to give—and receive—these easy-to-make Easter treat bags. Start with an 8-inch piece of paper and trim to 3 inches wide. (Feel free to adjust the size for your project). Fold the paper in half so that the paper now looks like it is 4x3 inches. Cut 1-inch-wide strips from the fold to near the top of the paper. Weave 1-inch paper strips in a coordinating color through the first paper. Secure sides with a glue stick. Adorn with ribbon and fill with your kiddos, favorite Easter treats. 


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    Easter Basket Garland

    A tisket, a tasket -- make a DIY Easter basket! A wicker basket is the base, but this ribbon-scrap garland accents it in style.

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    Easy Painted Easter Eggs

    This egg-dyeing idea proves you don't have to paint perfectly in order to get a beautiful result. After putting down a drop cloth or vinyl tablecloth, let your kids choose paint colors to swirl together and apply to eggs. You'll end up with unique, ombre-effect eggs to be proud of.

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    Easter Egg Parade

    Crack up your kids with a carrot car, a sailboat, and a hot-egg balloon driven by purchased pom-pom animals.

    Make the car: Using a pushpin, create an opening in the middle of a blown-out egg. Cut out felt circles for the wheels and headlights; felt strips add leaves to your carrot.

    Make the sailboat: Using a pushpin, create an opening in a blown-out egg. Hot-glue a wooden skewer to inside of egg; add triangle-shape pieces of felt to finish the sail. Cut out waves from blue felt and add around the bottom of the egg.

    Make the balloon: Cut one egg cup out of a paper egg carton for the balloon basket; hot-glue four wooden skewers to cup for ropes. Place an egg between the four skewers and hot-glue where they meet. Glue a thin strip of felt around the egg to cover where the skewers are glued to the egg.

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    Easter Carrot Pens

    Your Easter bunnies will love these papier-mache-covered pens. Start by taping sprigs of plastic greenery to a pen. Mold aluminum foil around the pen to form a tapered carrot shape. Secure with masking tape. In a bowl, whisk 1/2-cup flour into 1/2-cup water. Dip strips of newspaper into the mixture, then wrap around the foil. When the foil is covered, let dry completely. To get the best color, first paint each pen white and let dry, then paint it orange. Decorate the carrot with little dots and lines using a fine paintbrush and brown paint thinned with water.

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    Easter Egg People

    Replicate the whole family for a fun Easter display! Using decorative craft paper cut out details, such as a hair bow, tie, collars, and buttons. Glue them onto blown-out eggs. For curly hair, coil paper strips around a pencil. Heart-shape cutouts glued to the bottom of egg cups make shoes, and googly eyes add a finishing touch.

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    Easter Butterfly Wreath

    This project is great for all ages. Even preschoolers love to cut paper. Fold various patterns of scrapbook paper (or other sturdy-weight paper) in half lengthwise. Draw the top half of a heart shape (let the point of the heart fall off the fold). Cut out the shape, leaving the fold intact, and unfold. To make the antennae, tie a piece of twine or a neutral-color chenille stem around the fold in the paper. Parents, secure the butterflies to a twig wreath with hot glue.

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    Critter Easter Eggs

    Paint your kids’ favorite critters on Easter eggs for fun that goes beyond the usual one-color design. Stick to simple shapes and outlines to keep the craft painless, but don’t be afraid to use lots of bright colors.

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    Fabric Easter Garland


    Make your mantel happy with an adorable Easter garland made from springy fabric strips. This project also gives you a good excuse to clean out your fabric stash, and it gives the kids a chance to practice tying. Time to sharpen those fine motor skills! Tie a mixture of fabric strips, ribbon, and fringe to a long ribbon. Add small plastic Easter eggs hanging from fishing wire to finish the decoration.


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    Egg Carton Bird Decorations

    Transform recycled egg cartons and plastic eggs into peeping birds for a simple flowerpot decoration. Paint single egg-carton cups and wooden dowels in bright colors; let dry. Glue each dowel to the back of the egg cup, then glue a plastic egg into each one. Add a matching feather to the back of each bird, and paint a corner of the egg cup gold or yellow to make a beak.

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    Flower Power Easter Cards

    Cuteness literally jumps off the page with these adorable Easter cards. Top a basic white card with a colorful background paper. Top with green cardstock to create stems and leaves. Layer springy-colored cupcake wrappers to form the petals. Affix your child's picture in the center of these heart-melting Easter cards. (Warning: We are not responsible for the cheek-squeezing that follows giving one of these cards to Grandma.)

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    Hatched-Chick Place Cards

    All it takes is a little cutting and folding to make this sweet chick place card for your Easter table. Fold a 4x12-inch strip of heavy scrapbook paper or cardstock in half lengthwise. Tape a smaller piece of paper to the front of the strip. Cut out our chick and eggshell patterns in coordinating colors, then tape to the place card. Write each guest's name below the chick with a pen or marker.

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    Jelly Bean Door Decor

    Before you begin, agree on what colors of jelly beans are OK to eat and what colors can be saved for the project. Then dig in … to the project and the snacks. Paint a a wooden or papier-mache letter (available at crafts stores) in the same color as most of your jelly beans. Once the paint is dry, hot-glue the jelly beans to the front of the letter and let dry. Hot-glue a ribbon to the back to create a hanging loop, and hang on your front door. To make the decoration last longer, spray it with a clear-coat finish and let it dry before hanging.


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    Easy Yarn-Wrapped Easter Wreath

    Kids will love this so-easy Easter craft! All you need is a wreath form, some yarn, and a few springtime embellishments. Let kids decide which colors to use and where, and mark the different areas on the wreath form. Adults should start and end each yarn color -- use hot glue to secure the yarn ends before and after wrapping. When kids are finished wrapping, hot-glue spring elements, such as faux flowers, to your wreath for accents. Add a pretty ribbon to hang on a door or wall.

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    Floral Fliers

    Fully embrace spring by crafting in the great outdoors. Your kids will have a blast searching for leaves and flower petals perfect to construct their own beautiful natural butterflies. Best of all, there are no supplies to purchase!

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    Felt Easter Bunny Bags

    These adorable Easter bags, made to look like bunnies, are sure to be a hit when filled with eggs and candy on Easter morning.

    Make the bags: Stretch an 8-1/2x11-inch sheet of 100% wool felt so the length is 12 inches. Cut 3 inches from one long side, then cut this strip in half to make the two ears. Fold the remaining piece of felt in half with the fold facing you. Make light marks a scant inch from the side edges and across the top and along the short ends of the ears. Work a pencil through the marks to create holes; thread ribbon through the holes to sew the sides. Sew the ears onto each side of the bag, leaving the middle of the bag between the ears open. Let kids decide what facial features to include on their bags; we used white felt circles and black pom-poms for the eyes and a pink felt triangle and two white pom-poms for the nose.

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    Brown Bag Easter Basket

    A holiday dominated by pastels doesn't have to mean boys are left out. Personalized Easter baskets like this utilize primary colors and fun stamped font to make the perfect boy's Easter basket. Construct with a few pieces of tape and a stamped name.

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    Letter Fun with Easter Eggs


    Turn this year's Easter egg hunt into a giant word jumble. Apply letter stickers or decals to hard-cooked eggs and then dye them. Remove the stickers to reveal freshly monogrammed Easter eggs. How many words can you spell with your eggs?


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    Button-Embellished Easter Basket

    Dig through your spare button stash for this so-easy kid's Easter craft. Choose a simple wooden basket, and glue buttons in all sizes and colors onto it for a unique and colorful look. When you're finished, let the basket dry completely, then wrap a bright ribbon around the handle and tie it in a bow for a finishing touch.

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    Chick Puppets

    Made from yellow baby socks turned inside out, this chirping set of baby chicks is an adorable Easter craft that will delight little ones on Easter morning.

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    Lightbulb Lamb Figurines

    These little lambs are adorable! Let your older kids create this cute Easter craft and recycle burnt-out lightbulbs (and you don't need many supplies to get them looking their best!). Paint a standard lightbulb white and let dry. Add a face with pink paint, then add more facial features with black and white paint. Wrap the metal screw top with white yarn to give the sheep a hat, then glue on black pom-poms for the feet and finish with a bow. Let kids decorate their lambs with other crafty embellishments, such as glitter or paint if desired.

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    Bottle-Cap Chick Napkin Rings

    Kids will love helping out with setting the Easter table if it means they get to use these adorable napkin rings! To make, paint a bottle cap yellow and let dry. Use a black paint marker to add eyes and a small orange triangle of paper for the beak. Add a yellow feather to the back of the bottle cap, and glue the chick to a piece of wide ribbon about 4-1/2 inches long. Glue a second smaller ribbon to the back to tie the napkin ring together.

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    Embroidery-Floss Egg Garland

    For an Easter craft the whole family can enjoy, try this easy garland of embroidery-floss Easter eggs. Prepare a bowl of stiffener mixture (we used 1 cup of liquid starch mixed with 1/2 cup of flour) and gently coil embroidery floss into the bowl. Blow up a water balloon to the desired size of your egg, and wrap the floss around the balloon, using multiple colors if desired. Let the finished product dry for several hours, then pop the balloon to reveal your egg. Hang several eggs with another strand of floss by tying the floss to the top of each egg.

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    Paint-Chip Easter Egg Art

    This pretty Easter artwork can be made on the cheap with free paint-chip samples from home improvement stores. Have kids pick out a variety of colors to use, then cut them out using our egg and bunny templates (available below). Attach the paint-chip eggs to a 12x12-inch piece of scrapbook paper with adhesive foam dots. Frame the paper and hang for a so-simple crafty Easter decoration.

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    Flower Power Candy Cups

    Use brightly colored store-bought cups and scrapbook papers to create these cheerful candy cups that kids will love. Insert leaf-shape nametags to transform this cute Easter craft into easy place markers.

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    Fabric-Wrapped Spring Containers

    Welcome Easter with pretty pails dressed up to fit spring plants or to serve as your Easter baskets. To determine how much fabric you'll need, wrap fabric around the container, allowing extra fabric on all edges; trim. Cut openings for the handle. Fold under all edges to get a smooth look. Spread decoupage medium across the pail, place trimmed fabric atop the decoupage medium, and smooth. Apply a second coat of decoupage medium atop the fabric while working your way around the container.

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