Turn these Easter bunny crafts into fun activities for kids, or make your own bunny-theme Easter decor.

By BH&G Holiday Editors
Updated March 15, 2019

Bunnies are cute and cuddly, and we love when they deliver wonderfully colored Easter eggs and chocolate candy. Prepare for the Easter bunny's arrival with these charming projects that would make even Peter Cottontail jealous. From kid-friendly projects to Easter rabbit decorations, we have everything you need to add a few festive touches to the Easter season.

Easter Bunny Masks

Make a set of adorable Easter Bunny masks for the kiddos attending your Easter brunch, or turn them into an Easter activity for the kids by setting up a craft station. Cut out the bunny head from cardstock and attach each one to a wood dowel rod. Then, let the kids decorate their own masks with decorative paper ears, felt noses, and pipe cleaner whiskers.

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Easter Bunny Centerpiece

Not all Easter Bunny crafts have to be centered around the kids! We're loving this chic Easter centerpiece that incorporates a gold bunny figurine, metallic eggs, and pastel accents. Plus, it's so easy to put together; cover a plain tray with faux moss, then arrange a festive Easter scene on top of the tray. We spray-painted a paper mache bunny, but you could swap in an edible chocolate bunny or a ceramic rabbit figurine instead. If bunnies aren't your thing, check out our other Easter centerpiece ideas.

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DIY Bunny Banner

Easter door decor doesn't get cuter than this DIY bunny banner. Use acrylic or fabric paint to add a gray bunny shape to a piece of solid fabric or canvas, then trim the end of the fabric so it forms a point and sew or glue the top edge around a wood dowel rod. To make the project easier, opt for a pre-made plain banner instead. Don't forget to add a fun yarn pom-pom tail!

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Paper Bunny Cups

This Easter Bunny craft is perfect for an Easter brunch or a big family Easter dinner. We transformed plain paper cups into adorable bunny friends with just a few embellishments. Our free printables make it easy to put together the bunny cups well before the guests arrive for dinner. Plus, use our make-ahead Easter dinner menu to prep more than just the decor before Easter Sunday.

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Free Easter Bunny Printables

Our free printables are an Easter activity for kids and a table decoration all in one! Have the crayons ready for this printable Easter Bunny maze, which will keep the kids busy until Easter brunch or dinner is served. We have matching Easter coloring pages and activity sheets, too!

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Easter Bunny Garland

We're seriously crushing on this Easter bunny garland, and it looks even cuter when paired with our crepe paper carrot garland. To make the bunny garland, glue pom-poms and felt pieces to patterned paper circles and string them together. This Easter bunny decoration is perfect for making with kids!

Wrapped-Egg Easter Bunnies

How appropriate that an Easter egg forms the rounded bodies of these adorable bunnies! Apply strips of double-stick tape all around a plastic egg. Starting at the top, wrap the egg with yarn until fully covered. Felt shapes and pom-poms provide the face; fishing line the whiskers.

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Easter Bunny Pillow

Cozy up with a fluffy little bunny of your own. Cut a bunny silhouette from white fabric and attach it to a solid pillow for an instant Easter decor update. Capture the touchable texture of a bunny by repurposing an old sweater for the white fabric. You could also use felt, fleece, or wool. For a permanent fix, stitch the silhouette to the pillow. If you're just looking for a seasonal update, use temporary adhesive.

Paper-Pieced Easter Bunny Card

Paper crafters will flip—or bounce—for this bunny-rific Easter card. Begin with a blank card made from kraft paper or the color of your choice. Select a patterned background paper with large colorful circles or Easter eggs and a solid light color paper, such as sky blue. Cut out an arch in the patterned paper, and sew the arched paper over the solid blue sheet.

Create the grass by layering three types of green paper together. Snip short fringe in the tops of the green paper and gently fold forward.

For the Easter Bunny, cut the body shapes from heavy-duty gray cardstock (free pattern below). Trim white felt to form the touchably soft belly, face, tail, and hair. Finish with pink ear and nose details, and draw eyes. Attach Easter egg brads, buttons, or stickers to a thin strip of paper and attach to the bunny's hands.

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Easter Bunny Eggcups

These sprite bunnies are cheap to put together -- you could make an entire bunny herd! Secure a white wooden egg into an eggcup; draw on eyes and nose as shown. Get our pattern for the hat and ears, below, then trim the hat from colorful felt and the ears from white felt. Pinch the hat and glue the edges. Glue the ears inside the brim.

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Felt Easter Bunny Bags

Just add eggs! Folded felt becomes Peter Cottontail with a few creative stitches. To make one bag, cut 3 inches from one long side of an 8-1/2x12-inch sheet of wool felt. Cut this strip in half (these will be your ears) and fold in half. Fold the big piece of felt in half. Using the picture as a guide, thread ribbon around the bunny's face, securing the ears at the top. In between the ears, keep the stitch on just the front piece of felt to keep an opening for goodies. Decorate your bunny with felt eyes and pom-pom noses.

Easter Bunny Hair Bows

These squeal-worthy hair bows will turn heads. And the admirers will never know how easy they were to make. For the animals, cut each shape from felt fabric. Layer the ears behind the face and top with the face details. Draw on the eyes and mouth. Allow plenty of time to dry. Attach the completed faces to a decorative elastic band.

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