These carrot baskets are the cutest Easter treat bags ever! Our free template makes them so easy to make, and we're obsessed with how fun the green tissue paper carrot top is—plus, it's filled with candy!

By BH&G Holiday Editors
Updated March 04, 2019

Make an adorable set of carrot treat baskets for your next Easter gathering. Our free template makes assembly a breeze! Plus, this fun project is easy enough for kids to help create. Form the paper basket, then create a fun surprise-inside carrot topper out of candy and green tissue paper. Your Easter brunch guests will love them!

carrot candy favors

How to Make DIY Easter Treat Cones

Supplies Needed

  • Carrot basket template
  • Assorted orange, yellow, and green cardstock
  • Round paintbrush
  • Craft paint in cream
  • Ruler
  • Double-sided tape
  • Single-hole punch
  • 1/2-inch brass brad fasteners
  • Assorted green tissue paper
  • Candies
  • Twine or string
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Step-by-Step Directions

Follow our easy how-to instructions to make your own Easter treat cups. You should be able to make a set of six in under an hour.

Step 1: Make the basket

Trace the carrot basket template onto orange cardstock and cut it out; use a thin round paintbrush and cream-color paint to paint 1-inch horizontal stripes across the cardstock so that it resembles a carrot. When the paint is dry, use a ruler to mark the folded line indicated on the template and fold to crease. Bend the cone so that the non-creased end meets the creased portion on the other side and secure with double-sided tape.

Step 2: Add handles

Make a basket handle by cutting a 9x3/4-inch strip of green cardstock, and punch a hole at each end. Punch two more holes about 1/2 inch from the top on both sides of the carrot basket, and attach the handle to the basket using brads.

girl with carrot candy bag favor

Step 2: Fill with candy and a tissue paper topper

Make an adorable tissue paper filler for your carrot basket (filled with candy!). Start with a circle of green tissue paper that measures 11 inches in diameter; cut 1/2-inch-long fringe all the way around the edges. Lay an assortment of Easter candies (or other small Easter accessories) in the center of the tissue paper circle, and fold the tissue paper up and around the candy. Secure with twine and place in the basket to finish this adorable Easter craft.


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