Here's How to Call the Easter Bunny with Your Kids

Make this an annual family tradition.

As a kid, I loved calling Santa Claus in the days leading up to Christmas—and now, the same service is available for the Easter Bunny! This springtime twist on the classic holiday tradition is about to become your family's new favorite Easter activity. In between decorating Easter eggs and organizing the neighborhood Easter egg hunt, make time to call the Easter bunny.

Here's how it works: First, get the kids excited! Let them know you've found the phone number for the Easter Bunny, and tell them about how he'll come fill their Easter baskets on Easter morning. (And if you're wondering how the tradition of the Easter Bunny actually got started, here's a quick grown-ups-only refresher.)

Two kids playing in the grass with an Easter bunny
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Then, download the free "Call Easter Bunny" app: You can get it from the Apple App Store or on Google Play. When your kids are ready to make the call, just click the 'call' button. It'll start a recorded message where the Easter Bunny will say hello, ask your child what their name is, and remind them to be on their best behavior in the days leading up to the holiday. Then, your little ones can say whatever they like to the Easter Bunny. (This is a great opportunity to find out what your little ones hope to find in their Easter basket so you can be prepared on Sunday morning!)

Plus, the app has a parents-only feature, which actually allows you to go back in after your child's call and download a recording of the whole conversation. This is one of our favorite ways to celebrate Easter social distancing-style, and it'll keep the little ones busy while you prepare a scaled-down Easter dinner for the family.

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