Target’s New Line With Hilton Carter Has 30 Spring Planting Essentials

The internet’s favorite plant stylist just launched a line of planters, plant stands, and faux plants—these are his favorites.

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Hilton Carter with his Target plant collection


We’ve officially made it to spring, which means now’s the time to start planning all of your gardening and planting for the upcoming seasons. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, it can be overwhelming to think about everything you need to set yourself up for success—that’s where the 2023 Hilton Carter for Target collection comes in.

With 30 new plant essentials ranging from planters, plant stands, and faux greenery, the new line has something for those who want to start their own seeds or stick to the artificial (both add color and breathe life into your space). As a professional plant enthusiast and designer with a career that’s spanned over a decade, Carter thoughtfully created each design “to see plants as living art,” he said in a statement. An author of four plant-styling books (with his latest just hitting the shelves) who’s amassed over 500,000 Instagram followers, he knows what makes a great planting accessory. 

This is Carter’s second collection with Target, and it’s available on April 2 with prices starting at just $10. Read on for a look at his favorite products from the line and get his advice on how to style the materials.

2023 Hilton Carter for Target: Top Picks and Styling Tips

Target geometric terracotta planter


Terracotta Planter

This planter features geometric details and a unique shape that’s a guaranteed conversation starter. Because terracotta releases moisture quickly, you’ll want to use it with plants that prefer drier soil and require less water, like cacti and succulents.

“When it comes to styling plants with the footed terracotta planters, I would go with something more upright,” Carter said. “A Cat Palm explodes out of this planter, giving you that more tropical look, but is special because it doesn’t hide the beauty and texture of the planter itself.”

Buy it: 5" Wide Footed Rectangular Terracotta Outdoor Planter Box, $40,

Target modern concrete planter


Concrete Planter

If you gravitate toward a sleek, minimalist style, this concrete planter will fit in (and at the same time stand out) among your other decor. It’s durable and porous, meaning it provides extra insulation for the soil and is best for warm-season plants like orchids. It’s also waterless—it waters your plants over time by using a rope to pull moisture from the soil up into the plant. 

Buy it: 10" Wide Self-Watering Square Concrete Outdoor Planter Pot, $40,

Target ceramic glaze footed planter


Ceramic Planter

Not only do the cutouts in the ceramic planters add visual interest, they’re also functional. 

“What I really love about them is that they have a built-in base tray that’s raised on a pedestal to allow air to flow through the soil, keeping your plants healthy,” Carter said. “When styling plants in the white footed ceramic planter, one of my favorites to go with is the Birkin Philodendron. One amazing reason is that when you give this plant the right amount of light, it will develop full white foliage that becomes a real true pop of color when placed in this planter.”

Ceramic glaze holds in moisture, aka less watering and therefore less work on your end. Tropical ferns and spider plants also make perfect options.

Buy it: 9" Wide Footed Stoneware Outdoor Planter Pot Black, $25,

Target geometric composite planter


Composite Planter

Another geometric-style planter, this one is made from a blend of materials, making it more lightweight and durable. Place it in any room you feel is in need of a modern touch and rest assured it’ll last you for years to come. 

Buy it: 13" Wide Faceted Composite Geometric Indoor Outdoor Planter Pot, $60,

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