Lose 5 Pounds with 9 Calorie-Savers

Lose 5 pounds of holiday weight in time for swimsuit season.

1. Replace your daily bowl of ice cream with sorbet or sherbet. Calories Lost/Burned: 5,120* 2. Stand up on your toes 200 times while doing the dishes. Calories Lost/Burned: 3,000* 3. Take the "butt" out of butter: Eat your bread or toast plain or with low-calorie jam; use hot sauce or a seasoning mix on veggies; try salsa on your baked potato. Calories Lost/Burned: 810* 4. Spend half an hour twice a week dancing to your favorite radio station or CD (most fun with the kids). Calories Lost/Burned: 1,600* 5. Use a vinegar-based salad dressing rather than a cream-based one. Calories Lost/Burned: 1,280* 6. Do laundry laps: Take only what your hands (not your arms) can hold to the washing machine and walk all the way around the inside of your house (or up and down the stairs) each time you go back for another handful. Calories Lost/Burned: 1,080* 7. Reduce your alcohol intake by one drink per week. Calories Lost/Burned: 500* 8. Take a relaxing hour-long bicycle ride in the countryside every weekend. Calories Lost/Burned: 1,600* 9. Replace your daily chocolate bar with five Hershey Kisses. Calories Lost/Burned: 3,000* Total calories burned or lost: 17,990* *Calorie burn based on 155-pound person over one month's time. People who weigh more will burn more. All numbers quoted are approximate. Check with your doctor first before doing any exercise.

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