How Do You Clean Your Eyeglasses?

See how your method stacks up against these tips.

When it comes to cleaning eyeglasses, older people truly are wiser.

In a survey by Pearle Vision of 1,000 adults, 45 percent of those over 55 said they clean their lenses with water. Those between ages 35 and 44 said they are most likely to breathe on them. Seven percent of the people surveyed admitted to -- gasp! -- cleaning their specs with spit.

Here are some tips from Pearle on how to care for your frames, no matter how old you (or your glasses) are:

  • Plain water works fine.
  • Don't use tissues. Many tissues are made from wood derivatives and could actually scratch the lens.
  • Anything clean and cotton will keep lenses clear, but a lens cleaning cloth is the best material to use.
  • If you have dirt on a lens that can't be easily removed, use a mild soap and water. Window cleaner or rubbing alcohol can destroy lens coatings, says Jeff Smith, vice president of professional affairs at Pearle.
  • Clean your frames with soap and water every other week. The acidity of your skin can wear down the frame material.
  • Lenses with an antireflective coating should be cleaned with a special antireflective cleaner to avoid oils and chemicals that may react with the coating.


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