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Keeping your family healthy means knowing how to navigate your health care plan and talk with your doctor.

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How to Organize Your Most Important Health Records

Don’t wait until there’s a medical emergency to scramble to collect your history. Here’s how to organize medical records for yourself and your family.
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The Expert Guide to Men's Health at Every Age

Men really are less likely to go to the doctor: Research shows that 40 percent don't get annual checkups. If a guy you love is part of that group (or you're one of those guys), get him on board with our decade-by-decade guide to key exams and lifestyle tweaks.
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Generic Drugs

Drug experts agree that, in many cases, buying generic medications delivers more for your dollar. But there are exceptions.
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Before You Buy Drugs Over the Internet...

Check these Web sites to protect yourself from prescription drug counterfeiters.
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Giving Blood to Yourself

Giving blood to yourself for an operation is the best way to avoid diseases.
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What to Know About Your Pharmacist

Your local druggist will soon play a much greater role in your health care. Here's a preview of this new breed of pharmacist, along with tips on getting the most out of this relationship.
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