Save Your Smile

Tooth loss is not an inevitable consequence of aging. You can keep your teeth -- and keep them whiter -- with these tips and technologies.

Not too long ago, people believed losing their teeth was like getting wrinkles -- an unavoidable part of aging.

"My mother and father believed that when you got to be 45 or 50, you lost your teeth," says Harold Slavkin, D.D.S., director of the National Institute of Dental Research in Bethesda, Maryland.

Not anymore. More than half of dental patients over 65 still have more than 20 of their own teeth. And toothlessness among that age group has declined 40 percent in the last five years.

Improvements in managing gum disease, dental implants, and cosmetic procedures are making it easier than ever to care for your teeth. Click on the links at the left for tips and technologies to help you maintain your healthy smile.


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