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Our guide to staying healthy at any age.

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9 Best Air Purifiers for a Cleaner Home

Let's clear the air: Air purifiers have gotten an upgrade. There's real-time monitoring, Bluetooth capabilities, and new filters that pick up smaller pollutants than ever. Discover our best air purifier picks, plus tips for choosing a model that's right for your home.
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7 Major Ways the Weather Can Affect Your Mind and Body

The forecast can predict a lot more than whether you’ll need an umbrella or coat. Rain, wind, sleet, and snow all impact your well-being. Minimize the negatives with these tips.
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The Expert Guide to Men's Health at Every Age

Men really are less likely to go to the doctor: Research shows that 40 percent don't get annual checkups. If a guy you love is part of that group (or you're one of those guys), get him on board with our decade-by-decade guide to key exams and lifestyle tweaks.