Keep this snow day fun (and stress-free!) with entertaining activities for the whole family.

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For kids, a snow day is about as magical as it gets: The announcement comes at sunrise, snow's still falling, roads are slick, and school is canceled. But for parents, an unexpected snow day isn't always fun and games, especially if you're trying to juggle working from home while facilitating activities for the little ones. 

Instead of spending the day monitoring TV time, try a few of our snow day activities to keep kids happy and active. A snow day can be as fun as you make it—even for working parents! We've put together a blizzard's worth of snow day activities for kids of all ages. 

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Two children throwing colorful paper
Credit: Priscilla Gragg

1 Paper Toss

Save yourself the fear of playing catch indoors by using paper instead! Set up a basketball-style game with a tall basket (laundry baskets work well for young kids) and give each child a set of crumpled up paper “balls” made from colorful paper ($5 for 240 sheets, Target) See how many baskets they can make in five minutes!

fun add-ins for busy bags project thanksgiving tiny dinosaurs pens
Credit: Alice and Lois

2 Make Activity Bags

Bust out this project on the first snow day of the year and you'll be set for any future days you may have. Grab a set of muslin fabric bags ($13 for 25, Walmart) and let each child decorate their own bag with fabric paint and markers. Then have them fill their bags with their favorite toys and trinkets to create a 'busy bag' they can reach for anytime they're feeling cooped up inside.

galaxy slime how to stretch purple glitter
Credit: Brie Passano

3 Make DIY Slime

Pull out all the stops with your kids and make DIY slime! You can start with our classic green slime recipe or experiment with rainbow slime, unicorn fluffy slime, or galaxy glitter slime! Each slime recipe calls for Elmer's glue ($2, Walmart) and just a few household ingredients you probably already have.

table tic-tac-toe game night
Credit: Adam Albright

4 Game Time

Skip the screen time and gather round the table for an old fashioned game of dominos or tic-tac-toe. Create a few handmade games (a great afternoon activity for older kids) and you'll have a fun DIY game that lasts long after the snow melts.

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Marshmallow Snowmen
Credit: Hannah Bigot

5 Make Snowman Snacks

If the weather isn’t cooperating outside to make a snowman, make one for snack time. These easy snowman treats can be made with jumbo marshmallows ($3, Target), pretzel sticks, a little melted chocolate, and some candy pieces or sprinkles. We promise making them is just as much fun as eating them!

Two children playing dress up
Credit: Sabrina Helas

6 Play Dress Up

This snow day activity will keep the kids busy while checking something off your to-do list. Have the kids play dress-up with whatever they find in their closets (or the costume bin). As they go through their clothes, have them set aside anything that doesn't fit or hasn't been worn in a while and start a donation pile.

happy girl playing with Rainbow Foam
Credit: Sabrina Helas

7 Make Rainbow Foam

No gray skies here! Bring a little sunshine inside with rainbow foam. To make the rainbow foam, mix 2 tablespoons clear dish detergent, 1 tablespoon nontoxic tempera paint, and 1/4 cup water in a bowl. Use an electric mixer to blend the ingredients for 2 minutes until stiff peaks form. 

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family enjoying pom-pom race game
Credit: Dana Gallagher

8 Off to the Races

Let the kids get a little competitive with pom-pom races. All you have to do is tape a finish line across the table, give each child (or team) a colorful pom-pom ($1 for 24, Walmart) and a straw, and see who can blow their pom-pom across the finish line first!

sliced grilled cheese sandwhiches
Credit: Blaine Moats

9 Get Cheesy

Grilled cheese—with or without tomato soup—is practically a no-brainer, but fancy it up and make it an event. Choose one of our favorite grilled cheese recipes, or create a build-your-own-grilled cheese bar. Put out bread (whatever slices you have on hand) and grated ends of cheese from the fridge (mozzarella, Parmesan, that bit of Gouda you didn’t know what to do with). Add pots of jam, caramelized onions, tomato slices, bacon, pickles, apples, and even dried fruit. 

cupcake-liner frog mask craft
Credit: Adam Albright

10 Indoor Cycling

Upcycling, that is! Turn extra baking cups and craft materials into a fun dress-up mask with our simple frog mask how-to. Using regular sized baking cups ($4 for 150, Target) and cardstock, you can make a goofy, googly-eyed frog mask. If you don’t have colored baking cups, have the kids color them with markers.


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