Reading Club Party Menu

Easy and quick Mexican-style recipes make up this menu. Each recipe makes a kid-friendly finger food -- perfect for munching on while discussing your favorite book.

The Menu

  • Mango Salsa and Chips
  • Pizza Tortilla Rolls
  • Veggie-Filled Quesadillas
  • Chili Powder Chicken with Cilantro Cream
  • Floribbean Pound Cake

Mango Salsa and Chips

The world's most popular fruit, mangoes, add a peach-like flavor and juiciness to this refreshing salsa.

View Mango Salsa and Chips recipe

Pizza Tortilla Rolls

Packed with flavor appeal, these bite-size finger foods will be a hit with kids of all ages. Bake them during the party and serve them warm from the oven.

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Veggie-Filled Quesadillas

A perfect nibble for health-conscious families, these quesadillas showcase fresh sweet peppers, red onions, and reduced-fat cream cheese.

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Chili Powder Chicken with Cilantro Cream

On a heat scale of 1 to 10, these chicken strips are an 8. If your palate prefers something cooler, dip them in herbed sour cream before taking a bite. Another option is to cut way back on the ground pepper.

View Chicken with Cilantro Cream recipe

Floribbean Pound Cake

Lime peel and coconut milk impart flavors from the Sunshine State and the Caribbean to this pound cake.

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