Teachers, are you getting ready for a new school year? We're here to make it the most stylish one yet. We found darling DIY ideas so you can have the prettiest classroom in the hall.

By Katie Bandurski

If you're a teacher, you'll be spending a lot of time in your classroom. So why not make it feel like home? These stylish ideas, including storage hacks and door decor, will help you make the most of your classroom. 

More importantly, none of our tips deviate from the main function of the classroom: learning. In fact, most of our ideas enhance the process (hello, reading nook!). Plus, we've paid attention to teacher budgets. All of our inspiration involves reusing, repurposing, or buying budget-friendly items.

Pop of Color

Most teachers' desks are cold and worn—but they don't have to stay that way. This desk from Schoolgirl Style is dressed in inviting colors and textures. A strand of paper tassels brings color to the classroom. A lamp supplies warm, glowing light—perfect for late nights grading papers. A dazzling pendant banner hung from the ceiling completes the look, and puts those metal nameplates to shame.

Teacher Toolbox

Students can borrow school supplies in style, thanks to this adorable teacher toolbox from Whimsy Academy. A basic storage container gets a major upgrade with the addition of elegant labels. Get the look by printing premade labels, buying embellished stationery, or putting your own art skills to work. Stock your toolbox full of school supplies like pens, stickers, and pencils, then add each label with double-stick tape, trimming to size as needed. 

Chic Reading Nook

Reading just got a lot more fun with this idea from Grillo Designs. Turn a corner of your classroom into a chic reading nook. Stock it with seating, pillows, a canopy, and, most importantly, books. For added fun, include a basket of stuffed animals to serve as reading buddies. Bonus points if you find toys based on classic book characters. 

Darling Door Decor

This sweet door scene from Oriental Trading looks like it would cost big bucks to make. But if you examine it closely, you'll see that paint chip strips are responsible for most of the design. Free at any local hardware store, these chips add vibrant color at no cost. Cloud-pattern paper and crafts paper make up the background.

Rustic Storage

Make it easy for kids who missed a day of school to catch up. This organizer from Smitten with First designates a bin for every day of the week, so simply slip in extra handouts or worksheets for sick kids to grab when they come back to class. The rustic design is easy on the eyes and adds a touch of farmhouse charm to any classroom.

Cute Chore Chart

All of the day-to-day responsibilities of a teacher can feel overwhelming. Lighten the load by letting your kids help! Designate a chore chart, like this one from True Life I'm a Teacher, that lists all of the classroom jobs. Then write each child's name on a clothespin. Clip a name to each task, and rotate jobs each day. Create a chart in simple black and white for a classic look that will fit right in with the rest of your stylish classroom.

Stay Organized in Style

Every teacher knows the giant calendar that spans the length of their desk. Helpful as it might be, it's not particularly stylish. Get the best of both worlds with this DIY rustic wall calendar from Houseful of Handmade. It's super simple to make, and the calendar's massive pages make it easy to see your schedule at a glance. 


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