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What you need to know about your child's education.

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Too-Cute Classroom Decorating Ideas

Teachers, are you getting ready for a new school year? We're here to make it the most stylish one yet. We found darling DIY ideas so you can have the prettiest classroom in the hall.

Creative After-School Programs

Discover fun programs to keep your kids active and engaged, even after the last school bell of the day has chimed. Our ideas will help your children stay safe after they're finished with their school day, and give them opportunities to spend their free time in meaningful ways. 

Learning to Write

Writing is one of the crucial skills that every child needs to develop. Here's how you can help your child succeed.

The School Changing Blues

Whether across town or across the country, changing schools can be surprisingly tough on kids.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Many parents, and even some teachers, dread school conference time. Here is some good advice on getting the most out of your 15 minutes.

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How to Let Go As They Grow

From that first school bus ride to driving alone, transitions are as hard on Mom as they are on the child (maybe harder!). Here's how to support—not smother—throughout the parenting process.

Learning Styles

Children learn and process information in a variety of ways. Understanding your child's styles -- and customizing instructions and the environment to meet those styles -- can be the key to successful learning.