Reunion Recipes

We've got ideas for food as you plan ahead for family reunion meals and snacks.

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Quick & Easy Kabobs

These crowd pleasers are just right for backyard barbecues or weeknight suppers on the deck.

Rub Recipes and Easy Everyday Menus

At its most basic, a rub is a collection of herbs, spices, and seasonings. It's a simple way to enhance flavor and give food a lovely, crunchy crust. Each rub recipe is paired with a different food and suggestions are given for easy accompaniments to round out a meal.

How to Test Meat & Poultry for Doneness

How to tell if food is done -- both for food safety and personal preferences.

Marinade Recipes and Easy Meal Ideas

Marinades are flavored liquids used to enhance and complement the flavor of many foods. Each marinade recipe here is paired with a different food, and with suggestions for easy accompaniments to round out the meal.

Don't Let Summer Pass Without Grilling These Burger Recipes

Take backyard burgers from monotonous to memorable with these next-level burger recipes. When you've had your fill of beef burgers, try our recipes for chicken burgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, and sliders, too.

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These Downloadable Grilling Charts Make Every Grilled Recipe Easier Than Ever

Whether you're grilling burgers, veggies, fish, or poultry, these handy (and free!) PDF charts show you how to grill your favorites to perfection every time. Each chart will give you suggested grilling times based on your veggie or the thickness of the meat and your desired doneness, so you can take the guesswork out of grilling once and for all.

Crispy Deep-Fat Frying

The trick to producing crispy deep-fried foods is no trick at all.