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Get through those rough patches of adolescence.

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Having "The Sex Talk"
Telling kids everything they need to know about sex requires an 18-year-long conversation if parents want them to make the right choices.
When Good Kids Do Bad Things
The hard facts and concrete advice about kids and dangerous behavior.
Should Your Teen Work?
Research suggests that kids who work during the school year may be cheating themselves. Here's how parents can help.
Is Taking Time Off After High School a Good Idea?
Taking time off between high school and college isn't slacking. It's a time-honored way for teens to explore the world and improve their academic careers. Taking a gap year can be a good idea for your teen! If your child is considering a break, and trying to figuring out what to do during gap year, our tips can help.
Teens and Sex: Stop Worrying and Start Talking
Worried that your teen is having sex? Now's the time to talk to him about it.

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How to Begin Talking About Sex
Teen pregnancy expert Sarah Brown has some advice for starting a conversation with your teen about sex.
The Teen Dating Game
Learn why it's important to establish guidelines before your teen begins the dating game! These dating tips for teens can help you open the conversation with your child and better discuss teen dating guidelines, date night ideas, and dating rules.
Tips for Buying Your Teen a Car

Expect your car insurance rates to skyrocket once your child is added to your policy.