Good Table Manners

Helpful hints to encourage the kids to act like angels.

Ways to be a Terrific Tablemate

Before sitting down to the table, remember to wash your hands -- but not with your mouth!
  • Wait until the whole family is seated before you begin eating. You may even want to help seat a special guest when you have one.
  • Contribute to the table conversation. Say "excuse me" if you must interrupt when someone else is talking or telling a story.
  • Talk about pleasant subjects. Maybe you could tell about the new girl or boy at school or how the basketball team did.
  • Be interested in what family members have to say and they will be interested in what you say.
  • Say "please" and "thank you" when you want something to be passed to you. Do not reach in front of other people.
  • Keep your arms and elbows in your lap while eating; don't rest them on the table.
  • Place your knife and fork across the top of your plate when you are finished eating.
  • Wait for the family to finish eating and then offer to help your mom or dad clean up. You could take the dishes to the sink, help load the dishwasher, or help put away leftover food.

Be sure to say "thank you" to your mom or dad for the meal!


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