Raising Responsible Kids

Practical ideas for raising kids with manners and good sense.

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How to Teach Kids Financial Responsibility at Any Age

Set your kids up for a positive relationship with money. Use our age-by-age guide as a road map for talking and teaching financial responsibility.
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9 Simple Tips to Teach Kids Good Table Manners

It's never too early to encourage good manners at the dinner table. Teach kids how to be gracious tablemates with these easy-to-implement etiquette tips.
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Home Alone: Is Your Child Ready?

At what age can a child stay home alone? Here's how to figure out what's right for your family, and how to safely leave a child home alone. Our tips will help you set guidelines for leaving your child home alone, so that both you and your kid feel comfortable.
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Teach Your Kids Work Ethic

Teaching a strong work ethic to your child starts with instilling a sense of responsibility. You can help your child take pride in their work and enjoy a job well done with our six tips. 
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How to Write a Thank You Note for a Gift, According to an Etiquette Expert

Promptness and courtesy never go out of style. Here's why you should always write a thank you note, and what you should say.
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Basic Life Skills to Teach Children, Tweens, and Teens

Your child may be years away from leaving home, but the time to start teaching grown-up life skills is now. From how to keep house to best practices for managing money, these life lessons will help your tweens and teens become successful (and happy!) functioning adults later in life.
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Tips for Buying Your Teen a Car

Expect your car insurance rates to skyrocket once your child is added to your policy.
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How to Keep Your Child Safe from Abduction

Parents need to update the advice they've been giving kids to keep them safe. Just warning them about "stranger danger" isn't enough anymore.
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