Make changes to your daily routine and gain more free time.


Set Basic Goals

  • Get chores done before the weekend.
  • Cut the number of trips to the grocery store (four in one week was a bit much).
  • Stay ahead of deadlines.
  • De-clutter to avoid losing things and wasting time trying to find them.

Change Routine

Schedule up to two routine chores or errands per day. Plan about 60 percent of the day and leave the rest for spontaneous activities.

Stop Juggling

Something that's true for a lot of women: We have way too much to do. Our minds can hold only seven things at a time. Write down a list of chores and keep your planner in the same place so you don't have to use the back of an envelope or check register.

Look Ahead

Spend the last five minutes of each hour looking ahead to the next hour to keep your schedule on track. Looking ahead helps structure your daily chores too. All those grocery trips? Instead of running out for forgotten items, poll your family for their favorite meals, then plan shopping around menus.


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